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Restmoment conference system is installed in a district committee of Tibet

       Tibet, located in the southwestern region of the People's Republic of China, is one of China's five ethnic minority autonomous regions. A district committee in Tibet is also keeping up with the development of the times. In order to meet the daily busy business needs, many meeting rooms have to upgrade the meeting equipment. Restmoment has provided multiple UHF wireless conference systems RX-D2804/03 series, which are highly efficient, stable and safe.

       According to the situation of the site and the requests of customers, the conference room should be kept as it is as possible. Restmoment UHF wireless conference system can fully meet the needs of customers. The UHF wireless conference system RX-D2804/03 series is composed of RX-D2804/03 wireless conference unit and RX-M2804 wireless conference controller, which completely get rid of the shackles of traditional wired. It is simple and convenient to install.
       The RX-D2804/03 series adopts UHF ultra-high frequency band, which has less interference than traditional VHF frequency band. The transmission is more reliable. The DPLL digital phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis technology provides around 200 channel options within a 50MHz frequency bandwidth and 250KHz channel intervals. It is convenient for multiple sets of machines to use at the same time. Adopting 14mm diameter gold-plated capacitive microphone core, the pickup distance can reach 130cm. It has high-fidelity sound quality, strong anti-interference and strong confidentiality functions.

       At present, a number of conference rooms in Tibet have been installed. And our system has been appreciated by users. Restmoment has been worked in the industry for more than 20 years with innovative technology, high-quality products and services. We has served many international large-scale conference projects, such as: World Leisure Conference, Digital China Construction Summit, World Internet Conference, ASEAN Expo, ISO Conference, ECO Summit, G7 Summit, etc.

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