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Mixed type conference-Restmoment builds up an online and offline multi-site multi-lingual international conference for the World Leisure Conference

       The Beijing Pinggu World Leisure Conference was held at the Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center in Pinggu District, Beijing. The theme of this conference is "Leisure Enhances the Quality of Life". Restmoment has many years of experience in international conferences, such as: World Internet Conference, Digital China Construction, ECO Summit, G7 Summit, ISO Conference, etc. And we are deeply trusted and supported by customers. At last, the organizer finally chose Restmoment to be used in the Beijing Pinggu World Leisure Conference.

       As the highest event in the world's leisure field, the conference has more than 400 participates, including relevant leaders, representatives of world leisure organizations, some national embassies and consulates, and representatives of the Beijing?Pinggu World Leisure Conference Expert Committee. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many people cannot visit the conference site in person. Therefore, the conference adopts a combination of "online + offline" mode, but it also greatly increases the difficulty of installation.

       Restmoment communicated with the organizer many times and known that many people abroad cannot come to the conference site. They only can connect to the conference site through online video and participate in the conference together with the on-site participants. Solve the major problems of simultaneous online and offline real-time audio and video in multiple locations and multiple languages. After on-site surveys, we have designed a perfect solution. The combination of Restmoment simultaneous interpretation equipment and a fully digital high-end conference system can transmit multi-language translations during the conference. Also, it can broadcast real-time online and offline audio and video. Restmoment led a professional technical team to the conference site.

       Restmoment Version 3 full digital infrared simultaneous interpretation conference system adopts Restmoment full digital infrared audio processing chip conference technology, which complies with IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914 standards. And the infrared simultaneous interpretation system is compatible and can be cross-used. It has 8 language channels.And it does not crosstalk each other. The high-end conference unit is equipped with a square super-cardioid microphone with a pickup distance 130cm; it has dual backup guarantee functions, super anti-interference functions of mobile phones and video tracking functions, etc. The high-fidelity sound quality is close to the CD level. Whether it is in a venue with many people or online remote video, the listener can feel comfortable, natural and clear high-quality sound.

       Restmoment has made a new breakthrough on the innovation. The translation booth in this conference is the latest which is developed by Restmoment. Compared with the traditional translation booth, it has greater progress. The transportation and packaging method is easier. And the installation method is easier.

       In order to meet the different reqirements of more people, remote video conference is popular nowadays. Restmoment is a witness to the changes of the times. And we closely follow the steps of the social and the technology. The conference successfully held the "online + offline" conference mode. Restmoment successfully completed the project. It has been appreciated by the organizers of the conference and participants from all over the world. Restmoment has full experience from a number of small remote video conference projects to the large international conference venues.

       Restmoment achieved the success in a large international conference project. And it was appreciated and supported by the organizer. During the years of working in the industry, Restmoment has won the trust of many customers all over the world. “Professional on digital conferences” is our direction. Restmoment will continue to bring you more high-quality products and services.

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