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Restmoment system is stationed in a conference room of Taiyuan City

      Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, is China's outstanding tourist city. The conference equipment of a government room in Taiyuan needs to be upgraded. At last, it is finally attracted by Restmoments' digital conference equipment.

      After investigation, Restmoment designed a practical solution. Equipped with Restmoment's high-end capacitive conference series RX-D08 conference unit.

RX-D08 capacitive conference unit

RX-D18 capacitive conference unit

RX-D88 capacitive conference unit

RX-D98 capacitive conference unit

?Adopt Restmoment digital conference technology and compliant with IEC60914 international standard; 
?The base is made of zinc alloy and is matched with a square microphone. The overall shape is simple and exquisite, and it is ergonomic;
?The overall design of the square tube rod is elegant and beautiful. It can be rotated up and down 55 degrees, 180 degrees left and right. 
?Square microphone pole with high directional electret microphone.
?It is equipped with a square super-cardioid microphone, which adopts a 14mm diameter gold-plated film microphone core. The pickup distance is up to 120cm. It is designed to enhance the meeting place of high-quality requirements such as conference, TV broadcasting, professional recording, etc.
?Excellent resistance to mobile phone interference;

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