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Spring breeze into Fuzhou! Restmoment worked in the first Digital China Summit!

       On April 22, 2018, the 1st Digital China Summit was opened in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. The theme of the summit was "Informatization-driven modernization and accelerated construction of digital China." The Digital China Construction Summit is an important carrier for advancing the construction of digital China. It is committed to providing a policy publishing platform for the development of China’s informatization, providing a display platform for e-government and the development of the digital economy, and providing a platform for the exchange of digital China’s theoretical experiences and practices. The summit brought together many professionals and technical experts from China and abroad to showcase the scientific and technological achievements of the industry. And it explores the future development of e-government. In addition, the best practice promotion section was selected by relevant experts to select 147 projects that were selected by various localities and promoted 30 best practice projects. As a large-scale conference in the industry, the layout of the conference site, the number of participants, the quality of the conference system and many other details must be considered in order to ensure the smooth progress of the conference.

Meeting venue

       As an industry-leading service provider who is dedicated to all-digital conferencing systems and solutions, Restmoment has been cultivating for more than 20 years in the field of digital conferences. Restmoment is present at numerous major conferences in China and abroad. It provides professional products and services. At the summit, Restmoment was commissioned by the National Internet Information Office, the organizer of the Digital China Construction Summit, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Government of Fujian Province, and China Travel Service Management CYTS, tailored for the summit with full digital infrared simultaneous interpretation system.
       The all-digital infrared simultaneous interpretation system is the most representative product of Restmoment and has been used in many international conferences, such as the Fourth World Internet Conference, the 19th China Hi-tech Fair and the 10th China-ASEAN Think Tank Strategic Dialogue. Forums, etc., It has built bridges of communication for entrepreneurs and businessmen in China and abroad, making domestic and foreign trade cooperation unimpeded. The system includes a translation controller RX-M9108XP, a translation console RX-E9208, a two-person translation room RX-2W990PA, an infrared transmitting controller RX-M1008XP, an infrared radiator RX-H1032/35, a receiving unit RX-E2008XP, and a conference controller RX- V3.3, audio decoder RX-F9008 and so on. Restmoment original digital conference technology meets IEC 61603-7 and complies with IEC60914 international standards. With all-digital audio decoding and digital audio compression technology, the output sound quality is close to CD-quality sound. The infrared controller adopts Restmoment independent digital audio processing chip conference technology, and the system runs fast and has high stability. All-digital frequency-synthesizing and synthesizing technology allows one controller to simultaneously communicate in 8 languages without cross-talking each other and without disturbing each other, ensuring the uniqueness of the channel.

Interpretation room

Arrange the scene

Restmoment staff photo

       This time, Restmoment adopted the all-digital infrared simultaneous interpretation system in the conference. Restmoment’s professional service attitude greatly appreciated the organizers. As the earliest company in the industry to enter the all-digital conference area, more than 20 years focused on product development, manufacturing, production, sales, uphold ingenuity, polished every detail of the product, developed a digital infrared teaching system, all-digital infrared simultaneous interpretation System, all-digital high-end conference system, all-digital economy conference system, all-digital wired multi-functional conference system, digital court audio system and other products solve users' points, create the most valuable products for users, and provide the most satisfactory services.

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