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RESTMOMENT devote to The ECO conference

      In 2017, the ECO Conference was held in Islamabad, Pakistan, and all 10 member countries participated in the meeting, including Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan And Afghanistan, all participated in the summit held in Islamabad. Including the leaders of the heads of state and heads of state, including President of Pakistan, President Erdogan of Turkey and President Hassan Ruhani of Iran, attended the meeting. Restmoment accompanied the simultaneous interpretation system against the conference.

      "Members of the Economic Cooperation Organization (OECD) have expressed their determination to face regional challenges, including collective terrorism and drug trafficking," said Islamabad, a group member of the OECD Program for Combating Terrorism and Drug Trafficking. "Conference decision" collective determination to face regional challenges, such as extremism, terrorism and drug trafficking, to resolve unresolved conflicts and make the region a peaceful and prosperous region "Pakistani Foreign Ministry issued a statement Wednesday. Members of the Economic Cooperation Organization have stressed the need to expand cooperation and reaffirm their support for the Organization's objectives and objectives. And the Summit adopted the 2017 Islamabad Declaration.

      Restmoment simultaneous interpretation system using Restmoment original all-digital conference technology, in line with IEC60914 international standards. Which includes the translation desk RX-E9208, independent dual translation station RX-E9002XP, the translation between the RX-W900PA and the same host RX-M9116 and so on.

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