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Restmoment Products in The 3rd Internet Conference — Wuzhen Summit

      The 3rd Internet Conference—Wuzhen Summit was hold at Permanent venue Wuzhen city from Nov.16, 2016 to Nov.18, 2016. There are 1600 distinguished guests from 110 countries and districts, 19 forums, 11 conference halls(1 largest conference hall which contains 2000 seats and 10 small conference halls which each contains 250 seats), 5 collective interviews and 5 news release conferences. Countless views, originalities and wise ideas are sparkling during the conference in the histroy. And Restmoment Systems safeguarded all the conferences to run smoothly.

      Chinese President Mr.Xi Said:” The development of Internet is ‘Frontier-free’. If we want to use, develop and manage well the internet, we should make the international co-operations on internet space deeper, and build the internet space common fate group.” This is the meaning of internet leading technology results release conferences. Restmoment Full Digital System adopts advanced and open system which follows the development of modern conference technology. It has safety, confidentiality, anti-interference, stabilization, sound clearity features. In this large conference, Restmoment used full digital conference system and infrared interpretation system, including 18pcs system controller RX-M6600/VB, 18pcs infrared controllers RX M2008XP, 38pcs infrared radiators RX-H1032/25, 18pcs interpretation controller RX M9108XP, 38pcs interpretation console RX E9008, 2700pcs infrared receivers, 260pcs full digital discussion system RX CD6640/08, 20pcs audio transmitter RX A8 and 36pcs audio distribution RX B8. Restmoment systems brings confortable, natrual and convenient conference experience. And it takes high quality sound to all distinguished guests.

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