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Feedback suppressor RX-AF26
Feedback suppressor RX-AF26
Product description:
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? Multiple interfaces, plug and play, maintenance free.

? Excellent feedback suppression (feedback elimination) technology.

? Omnidirectional microphone column, loudspeaker column and integrated design.

? Flexible and convenient, strong mobility

? Support series connection to adapt to a larger venue, flexible application and ensure the original investment.

Audio output XLR/AUX/LINE
Audio input XLR/AUX/LINE
SNR Feedback suppression 60 dB(Max)
Noise elimination 17 dB(Max)
Sensitivity Propagation time of direct sound 120 ms(Max)
Feedback suppression time 400 ms(Max)
Frequency respond 100 - 20,000 Hz
Other function Automatic adaptive feedback suppressor, noise canceller, Automatic gain controller.
Consumption 36W or less
Voltage AC 230 V (50/60 Hz)
Working humidity 15% - 85%(non-condensing )
working temperature 0 - 40℃

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