Video signal encoder RX-B6200
Video signal encoder RX-B6200
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?  Adopt the network distributed architecture. The fault of any unit in the system does not affect the operation of the system. It only affects the corresponding local functions of the unit.

?  Support VGA, HDMI, DVI conventional signal input;

?  Support 1080P@60fps / 4K@30fps; H265 hardware real-time encoding and decoding; Downward compatible with H.264;

?  A single interface machine has 16 windows;

?  Support Poe and external power supply dual power supply mode;

?  Support the setting of UHD image base;

?  Has input and output switch;

Model RX-B6200
Maximum support resolution 4K30
Color space 4K30\4:2:0
Compression format H.265
POE Support
Input interface 1channel HDMI
Video output interface 1channel HDMI
Video loopout interface Support
Control interface RS232/485/IR/IO
Audio interface 1channel Analog or 1channel HDMI
Video distribution quantity Multicast: Unlimited
Video window opening 16
Video overlay Support
Video roaming Support
Network interface 1000M RJ45
Power supply 220V

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