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Digital conference terminal RX-E6200
Digital conference terminal RX-E6200
Product description:
  • Function

?  Industrial grade design, CPU: i5-3320m; Memory: 4GB   DDR3 Hard disk: 64G   SSD solid state,   12v7a power supply;

?  Support intelligent sending function of conference files. Background files will be automatically send to the conference terminal .

?  It supports the setting of file sending permission. The conference terminal which has no right to display will block the file;

?  Compatible with common office software and file format;

?  Support meeting functions such as sign in, voting, interactive electronic whiteboard, nameplate display, document marking, meeting communication, meeting service, meeting notice, etc;

?  Support the source file sending function. The conference file does not need secondary conversion.

?  Support PPT file dynamic play.

?  Support the conference terminal with one button same on the screens (local terminal synchronizes the screen to other conference terminals and the big screen; Or only displays on the big screen through one button);

?  Support the video files on a multimedia conference terminal to be synchronized with other conference terminals. And it can be displayed on the large screen or only on the terminals;

?  Supports display features such as zooming in and zooming out. When the large-screen synchronously displayed documents on all other conference terminals, it can ensure the touch function of the screen

?  Asynchronous browsing. The conference terminal with permission supports one button switching (local terminal can switch remote synchronous screen and local terminal screen with one button) to complete the free interaction function of signal;

?  Tracking the speaker: the conference terminal in the asynchronous browsing state supports one click synchronization to the speaker. The file and video screen at this time should be consistent;

?  Support external signals to all conference terminals and display synchronously (external signals include video signals sent by matrix, computer signals, notebook signals, camera signals, DVD signals, etc.);

?  Support single chairman or multi chairman functions. The chairman can control the meeting process and signal switching, start voting, start meeting topics, select broadcast signal source, force the same screen, end the same screen, end the meeting, etc;

?  Support Windows operation interface of PC. And it can broadcast to other conference terminals and large screen or only to the large screen

?  The synchronization delay time is less than 0.3 seconds to ensure the synchronization effect of the venue;

?  Support one click broadcast of the document in external U disk to other conference terminals and large screen;

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