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Full digital system controller RX-V4.1
Full digital system controller RX-V4.1
Product description:
  • Function
  • Parameters

?  Audio and communication adopt full digital conference technology, compliant to IEC60914 international standard

?  Wired and wireless conference in one controller; One controller can connect wired and wireless units

?  5 MIC management modes Support speaking wired microphone 1pc~6pcs; Support speaking wireless microphone 1pc ~3pcs

?  The controller has a five-in-one function, which can be set as a system controller, a backup controller, an extension controller, a combined controller and a distribution controller.

?  Support double machines back-up function to keep the system’s safty and stability.

?  The system supports max 8 conference rooms splitting/combined function (optional function)

?  Built-in noise gate

?  Can setup the microphone unit to linear gain adjustment or automatic gain adjustment

?  The microphone has bass cut function.

?  The microphone has a 5-band EQ balance adjustment. And each microphone can be set with a specific EQ and volume adjustment

?  Line 1 input interface can be setup as microphone input or linear input.

?  Each channel input and output has independent volume adjustment function

?  The controller can connect computer, central controller and HD video matrix.

?  The controller has 8 microphones/line inputs

?  The controller has 8 microphone group array outputs

?  The controller supports remote conference function

?  The controller supports 8-channel microphone digital signal output to the computer. And working with the software, it has automatic voice analysis function

?  Controller supports multi-channel DANTE protocol

?  Support max 8 cameras' video tracking function

?  Support max 100 delegates to apply for speaking sequence; It can display real-time application sequence on PC software.

?  System supports 150 chairman units. It could specify any unit as VIP unit.

?  Working with conference management software to achieve “One click backup and restore” function.



RX-V4.1 Series

Working power


Working consumption

Depends on QTY of units: Single 6W, max 320W


2.8 inch screen


Chinese/English or custom made

Capacity of each way

Conference units: 20pcs

System capacity

120 multi-function units; Can be expanded to 4095 units

Transmission distance

Max 100M

Voltage of unit output port


Audio input

RCA x 1  11dBVXLR x 1  11dBV

Audio output

RCA x 1  10dBVXLR x 1  16dBV

Output impedance


Frequency response




Dynamic range


Total harmonic distortion

< 0.05%

External microphone port

1 port

Unit ID number

User defined

Quantity of possible chairman units


Special function

Support 1 backup controller; In meeting room combine mode, it supports 8 combined controllers; It supports max 99 controllers

Serial port control

RS-232 x 2

Network port control

RJ45 x 2

Working modes

5 modes

Quantity of speaking microphones


Speaking limit function


Video control type

RS-422 / RX-485

Unit connector


Balling unit capacity


Quantity of panorama

Can setup 8X4 Panorama points; Can setup switching time & order


Dark grey

Net weight



432×90×350 mm


Suitable for 19 inch standard stand


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