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Array Wireless Conference Unit RX-W5
Array Wireless Conference Unit RX-W5
Product description:

The delegate unit enables the participants to listen and speak effectively. The participants can control the speech of the conference unit through the switch button. Working with the high-speed camera, it can realize the automatic video tracking function. In addition, the unit has common functions for meetings such as voting, check-in, and response.
Except the same functions as the delegate unit, the chairman unit has one more “priority” function. The chairman unit can turn off and mute all speaking delegate microphones via the “priority” button.

  • Function
  • Parameters

?  Adopt RESTMOMENT digital conference technology, compliant to IEC60914 international standard.

?  Super directional microphone array pickup technology, super-pointing, ultra-long-distance pickup. The pickup distance is over 80cm.

?  Streamlined appearance and tabletop design, simple and elegant.

?  The unit has superior resistance to mobile phone interference.

?  The unit has a speaking indication function.

?  Adopt advanced 2.4G wireless full digital radio frequency (PHSS) technology, strong anti-interference ability, and strong confidentiality.

?  Intelligent detection the signal strength and battery power.

?  Completely wireless. The installation is more convenient and easy.

?  Support key sign-in and later sign-in functions. Display the sign-in status in real-time.

?  Through system controller, it has 2 voting models:

    ●  Voting model: Agree/ Oppose/ Abstain. Setup pass rate.

    ●  Selection model: One from two; One from three; Two from three models.

?  Each unit has an arbitrary assigned ID address for easy installation and avoiding duplicate ID addresses.

?  Three microphone working modes:

    ●  Quantity limit mode: 1 to 3 units allowed to be opened at the same time

    ●  FIFO mode: After reaching the limit quantity, the last open unit covers the earliest open unit

    ●  Application for speaking mode: All delegates unit are rejected or approved by the executive chairman unit.

?  Working with camera, video tracking can be realized by preset

?  The camera image can be tracked by setting to display the situation at the conference site in real time.

?  The chairman unit has the“priority” to speak. Also it can mute all the speaking units.

?  The system supports 3 chairman units at the same time. One of them can be designated as the executive chairman.

?  The chairman unit also has the following conference control functions:

    ●  It can cut off the speaking delegate unit and can fully control the order of the meeting.

    ●  Can reject or approve the delegate's speaking application.

Model RX-W5C/D Series
Unit type Tabletop Chairman/Delegate unit
Capacity Depends on system controller,≤4096
Frequency respond 18—20KHz (Human voice golden frequency respond)
MIC type Capacitive
Pickup distance ≥80cm
SNR 90dB
Dynamic Range 92dB
Total harmonic distortion < 0.05%
Working power 3.6V lithium battery
ID Edit Assigned by system controller
Auto video tracking function Yes
Modulation GMSK
Carrier frequency 2400-2517MHz
Frequency response 20Hz—15KHz
Receiving/transmitting angle 360°all-round
Working time 10-15 hours
Power consumption 300mW -400mW
Connection mode Wireless
Weight 0.6KG
Dimension 226x75x58mm
Color Black, Silver or Golden
Installation Tabletop

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