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Paperless conference system1-Video Management Codec RX-B6100
Paperless conference system1-Video Management Codec RX-B6100
Product description:
  • Function
  • Parameters
  • System Features

? Hardware: industrial grade motherboard; CPU type Intel processor; Frequency 3.0GHz or above; 4G and above memory;

? Windows system to ensure compatibility and compatibility of third-party files.

? Hard disk capacity 32G.

? Supports the site synchronization signal tracking function. When the site has a synchronization signal, it keeps track in real time and outputs it to the output interface synchronously. When there is no synchronization signal in the site, the output interface has no picture output.

? Support HDMI, VGA signal output. Any terminal screen output to large screen or other signal display.

? Support HDMI, VGA signal input, external signal broadcasts the picture to all conference terminals and display simultaneously.

? Support signal format automatic conversion function. Network data signal is converted into digital signal. Digital signal is automatically converted into network signal as well.

? Video signals are automatically converted to network signals.

? Multiple network signals are free to exchange.

? The network signal source is free to be converted to a video signal.

? 19” standard rack-mount cabinet. No more than 2U height in a 19” standard cabinet.

Model RX-B6100
Input voltage AC 50-60HZ 220V
Working temperature 0° -55°
External terminal RJ45\VGA\HDMI\DV\ serial port
Ethemet support 1000M Ethemet
Communication protocol TCP\IP HTTP
Max Power 250W
Operation system Windows7
Dimension 490x420x170mm
Color Black

? Based on windows system which is stable and reliable; It adopts BS framework, WEB access; No need to install client terminal. It is convenient for management.

? Conference file and source file push function. Conference files do not need to be converted twice.

? Same screen broadcast PPT file to ensure the play effects.

? Support the terminal “one button pushed to all screens” function, including large screen. Or a single terminal screen is pushed to the big screen.

? Asynchronous browsing. Any authorized conference terminal supports one button switching. It can complete the free interaction function of the signal.

? Tracking the speaker: The conference terminal in the asynchronous browsing supports “one botton synchronization to the speaker function”. And all files are consistent with the screen.

? External signals are displayed on all conference terminals’screens simultaneously.

? The chairman unit can change, add and delete files. It also can controll the conference process, switch signals, start the voting and the conference topic, select the broadcast signal sources, force the screens same, end the same screen, and end the conference.

? PC Windows operation interface is displayed to other conference terminal screens and main screen in real time, or only displayed on main screen.

? File in external U disk can be displayed to other conference terminal screen and main screen by one button.

? Conference function modules are optionally designed to custom.

? Support conference functions: check-in, call, browse, vote, information interconnection, central control function.

? At the end of the meeting, you can force a checkout to end the meeting process.

? Conference content can be placed to files automatically.

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