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Wired electronical display conference system-Paper Nameplate Conference Unit RX-6613
Wired electronical display conference system-Paper Nameplate Conference Unit RX-6613
Product description:
  • Function
  • Parameters
? Restmoment original all digital conference technique, Compliant to IEC60914

? Built-in 24 points self restraint return function, close to CD sound quality

? Discussing and display integration design, smart and attractive.

? All digital audio transfer technique, point to point connection mode, remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between two units could reach at 150m

? Has 4.3 inch 480(H)×272(V) 265K Color touch screen.

? There is a removable acrylic paper nameplate on the back side of unit, easy and convenient.

? Original SD card recording function. It can record the whole conference in real time.

? User can control the beginning/closing of recording and setup the recording.

? Once the external audio source enter into MP3 recorder, the system will record it automatically.

? SD card changing function for MP3 recording. If the user changes SD card during recording, the audio will not be lost.

? Recording content will be saved in SD card or devices.

? Recording content can be played or repeated by user.

? Has “Y type line”, “Distribution boxes hand by hand” and “Hand by hand in ring” connections.

? Support”PnP”

? Inductive IC card; Support IC card sign-in, delegates degree identifying, IC card key and setup menu language etc

? Built-in high fidelity speaker, when turn on MIC or connect with earphone, speaker could mute automatically.

? Each unit has arbitrary distribution ID address, convenience for installation and avioding ID address repeating

? Built-in channel selector, can transmit 8/16/32/64 language and display CH Number

? Stereo earphone output, could adjust volume.

? 5 work modes Limited mode FIFO mode Apply mode Voice activating mode Free discussion mode

? Send/receive message function

? Cooperated with video controller and camera, have video tracing function.

? Chairman unit have Priority, could switch off all the speaking units.

? System support 150 chairman units, could specify one as chief chairman, carry out function as follow, ?

        Switch work mode ?

        Activate sign-in, voting ?

        Receive or reject application speech

   ? Switch off appointed MIC

   ? Switch off the earliest MIC

   ? Switch off all MIC

? In combination with the corresponding software modules, multiform voting can be implemented: ?

       Parliamentary: agree/oppose/abstain, Pass-rate setup

  ? Multi choice/Opinion poll:1/2/3/4/5

  ? Audience response/Rating:--/-/0/+/++, could setup content

  ? Score: 0--100, practically participant person as average fraction



Unit type

Electronic Nameplate Chairman/delegate unit


Depends on system controller,≤65535

Frequency respond

30—20KHz (Human voice golden Frequency respond)

MIC type


Sensitivity of MIC




Dynamic Range


Resolution of channels


Total harmonic distortion

< 0.45%

Working power


Working current

80mA ±5%

Maximum power


Control type


Earphone output

16Ω,250mW / 32Ω,125mW

Size of front screen

4.3inch TFT 480(H)×272(V) 265Ktouch screen

Acrylic paper nameplate


IC card function

Support IC card sign-in, input name and position

ID edit

Setting and distributing by system controller

Data download

including start LOGO, personal information, edit ID etc functions


8K Bytes

Connection mode

“Y type line”, “Distribution boxes hand by hand” and “Hand by hand in ring”


Big 6 pin DIN

Simultaneously interpretation receiving channels


Video tracking function



Depends on mode, 5 keys


L×W×H: 202×135×68mm(Exclude the microphone pole)


Black, Silver,Grey (Custom-made)



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