Full digital multifunction controller-Main Controller RX-M2703XP
Full digital multifunction controller-Main Controller RX-M2703XP
Product description:

The system controller is the core component of conference system, which is the important intercommunication factor between units and PC management software modules. It controls all the conference functions via the navigation keyboard and 2.8 inch LCD screen on the front panel.

  • Function
  • Controller
  • front panel

?  Restmoment original conference technique, compliant to IEC60914.

?  Control all the conference functions by navigation keyboard on front panel

?  Adopt high speed RISC Embedded hardware structure, more reliable, faster.

?  Adopt digital audio transmission technique, close to CD sound quality.

?  2.8 Inch LCD, Chinese and English menu, could order any language.

?  Built-in input/out volume adjustment.

?  Built-in 8X8 video matrix switcher, it can manage multipath video signs easily.

?  Built-in 8X4 overall view video switching, time and order can setup freely.

?  Original U disk and SD card recording function, can record the whole meeting in real-time.

?  Users can control the starting and ending of recording, even change the setup of recording.

?  MP3 recorder can record audio signal from external device automatically as soon as it coming.

?  Exchanging function between MP3 recording and SD card. Users can change SD card during speaking. And it will not loose the content or audio.

?  Recording will be kept on SD card

?  After recording, user can choose listening or replay.

?  It has monitoring earphone jack on front panel.

?  System can support 80pcs chairman units simultaneously and appoint one as executive chairman.

?  MIC management modes

l  Limited mode: 16pcs units can be opened simultaneously

l  FIFO mode: the last opened MIC covers the first opened MIC.

l  Apply mode: executive chairman can approve or reject the speaking.

l  Voice activating mode

l  Free discussion mode: allow all the units to be opened simultaneously

?  6 channels output ports, which can connect 180pcs units.

?  Many connecting modes, including “Hand in hand on one line”, “Hand in hand by splitter” and “ Hand in hand in ring form”

?  Working with extension controller, the whole system can be extended to 4094pcs units.

?  Turning off speaking unit, camera will track previous unit. Turning off all the speaking units, it will return to overall view.

?  Protocols sharing, it can compatible with all the popular cameras. As the units positions being exchanged, camera always keep the correct tracking position by edit ID automatically.

?  Cooperating with conference management software, the system can have more functions with easier operation.



RX-M2703XP series

Working power

Two modelsAC100120V, 8A   /    AC220240V, 4A

Power consumption

Depends on the quantity of connecting units: Single unit 25W, Maximum 420W

Unit capacity

180pcs units, can be extended to 4096pcs

Audio input

RCA × 2      2V  pp

6.3mm ×1     50dB

XLR × 1     50dB

Audio output

RCA × 2    2V  pp

XLR × 1     50dB

Output impedance


Frequency respond




Dynamic range


Total harmonic distortion

< 0.05%

Channel separation


Control model



Big 8 pin DIN

Camera capacity


Video output level

RCA×41.08V pp

Video output impedance


Band width of video-3dB



U disk and SD card


Dark grey

Net weight



432×90×350 mm


Suitable for 19 inch normal stand

u  Front Panel

Figure 3.2  ?Front Panel

1.         Mounting hole for 19 inch stand

2.         Front panel of main controller. Aluminum Alloy

3.         LCD screen, can adjust the brightness and contrast.

4.         Switch, with electrifying indicator.

5.         Mounting hole for 19 inch stand

6.         Earphone jack for monitoring

7.         Recording key: Press to record meeting; Press again to stop recording.

8.         Switch to the last audio

9.         PLAY and PAUSE

10.      STOP

11.      Switch to next audio

12.      USB jack: for U disk

13.      MP3 screen: display user’s operation

14.      SD CARD slot: for inserting SD card


16.      LEFT

17.      UP

18.      RIGHT

19.      DOWN


u  Back Panel

Figure 3.3   Back Panel

1.         Power line port: Input AC100~120V8A / AC220~240V,4A  50~60Hz

2.         RS232 interfacePC):Computer control system interface

3.         RS232 interfaceCCU):Central control system interface

4.         USB interfaceCONTROLIN):interface for function extension

5.         6pcs 8P DIN interfaceDRAGOMAN):6 channels units’ output interface

6.         8P DIN interfaceEXTEND):interface for extension controller, connect to EXTEND IN on extension controller.

7.         Video signal output interface VIDEO OUT:Connect to TV or other external screen via 8 channels.

8.         Video signal input interface VIDEO IN:8 channels input, connecting to camera.

9.         Cannon balance audio output interface BALANCE OUT: Balance audio output.

10.      RCA Audio interfaceLINK OUT):Audio output interface of system controller, can connect peripheral amplifying system or recording system.

11.      RCA Audio interfaceLINK IN):Sound input interface for the third party

12.      6.3mm MIC input socket

13.      Cannon balance interface MIC: External MIC

14.      RS485 interfaceConnecting with camera

15.      2pcs USB interfacesCONTROL OUT):interface for function extension

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