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Restmoment conference system has been stationed in Education Department in Fujian
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       The Education Department in Fujian Provincial is in charge of the education issues of the whole province. And it is co-organized with the Education Working Committee. According to customers requirement, Restmoment has designeded a set of fully digital multifunctional conference system RX-2200 series.

       Restmoment full digital multi-functional conference system: RX-2200 embedded conference unit, with RX-V2.1 multifunctional conference controller. Adopting Restmoment original full digital conference technology. It compliant to IEC60914 international standards; The conference unit adopts hand-in-hand connection, which is convenient to install; high-fidelity sound quality; the conference unit has the functions of receiving/sending/ reading short messages; the conference unit has button sign-in and other functions such as voting, video tracking and speech discussion. It has strong anti-interference ability from mobile phones, which can fully meet the daily usage of conference venues.

RX-2200 Conference microphone

RX-V2.1 Conference controller

       Restmoment has installed many projects in Fujian Province. In this developing time, Restmoment’s continuous innovation, high-quality products, and sincere services make us to stand out in the projects.

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