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Restmoment Conference System is settled in Yunnan Energy Investment Technology Co., Ltd.
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       Yunnan Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. is one of the top 500 enterprises in China. The company's business includes the investment and management of power.Yunnan Energy Investment Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company. It needs a set of meeting equipment with good sound pickup, good confidentiality, high efficiency and practicality. Restmoment will meet customer requirements. In reality, a set of all-digital high-end conference system RX-A2 series is selected.

       Restmoment full digital high-end conference system RX-A2 series. The conference microphone has the anti-interference function , so that it will not be affected during the conference; The overall design is generous, stable and beautiful. It can be up and down 55 degrees, left and right 180 degrees rotation, flexible control ,and easy to use; It has super sound pickup that the pickup distance can reach 130cm; The system has speech discussion, video tracking, double backup and other functions. It is highly appreciated by customers.

RX-A2 Microphone unit

RX-V3.1 Conference controller

       Restmoment has professional team on digital conferences. And we are constantly exploring on innovation.High-quality products, and good service made us become one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

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