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Restmoment systems support the 4th World Internet Conference
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      Congratulations to Restmoment Electron Co.,ltd for supporting the 4th World Internet Conference 2017! More than 3,000 RESTMOMENT Simultaneous Interpreting Systems provide a powerful language translation service for the successful conference.

      The 4th World Internet Conference 2017 was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang from December 3 to December 5, with the theme of "Developing the Digital Economy for Opening up and Sharing - Join Together to Build a Cyberspace Fate Community". As the summit with the highest style of the Internet industry, more than 1,500 participants attended the conference, including government officials and business people from a number of countries in the world. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the conference, the conference committee put forward higher requirements for manufacturers of simultaneous interpretation brands. Participating brands must have excellent research strength and excellent service experience. Taking into account the service experience of Restmoment Electron in the previous session, the organizers ultimately used Restmoment simultaneous interpretation system to support the main venue and sub-venue.

      According to the actual situation in the conference, Restmoment Electron provides complete solutions, including conference units, receiving units, infrared radiators, earphones, translation consoles, translation booths and other products. Through "private customization" of products and services System, the international exchange of talents, communication and sharing will be no borders.

      The interpreters in the translation booths listened to the continuous speeches of the summit spokers through the earphone, while translating the information contents into the target languages exactly and completely against the translation console at the same time. In order to ensure that every guest can receive high-quality transliteration regardless of the location, Restmoment Electron designed high-performance infrared radiators according to the characteristics of the site environment respectively. The received infrared carrier signals generated by the infrared controller are transmitted through the infrared rays. Guests in the conference are wearing the infrared receiving unit and the earphone at the scene, and receive the corresponding high-fidelity output of the target language by selecting the corresponding channel.

Audio decoder RX-F9008

      In the conference, Restmoment simultaneous interpretation system used the audio decoder RX-F9008 for all digital audio transmission and processing technology. All channels of sound is close to the CD quality, and with 8 balanced and unbalanced audio output for easy audio Output distribution and recording functions.

System controller RX-V3.3

      RX-V3.3, the full digital high-end conference controller used in the conference, is the core component of Restmoment ADCS conference system and intercommunicates with the conference units and the PC management software function module. Through the front panel knob control panel and the 2.8-inch LCD display Screen to realize the centralized control of the speech discussion, automatic video tracking, voting, simultaneous interpretation and conference recording. The conference unit RX- 6640 is a multi-function desktop conference system. And it is discussion. interpretation, high-fidelity speakers conference unit.

Infrared controller RX-M2008XP

      Infrared controller RX-M2008XP is the core of Restmoment full digital infrared language distribution system, which has digital or analog audio inputs. It supports 8 simultaneous inputs unbalanced audio signals.

Infrared receiver RX-E2008XP

Interpretation console RX-E9208

      The RX-E2008XP infrared receiver unit can accept 8 languages. The interpretation console RX-E9208 uses full digital audio decoding and digital audio compression technology. The output sound quality is close to the CD-level sound quality. It has 8 channel interpretation and monitoring function.

Infrared radiator RX-H1032XP/35

      Infrared radiator can receive carrier signals generated by the infrared controller. And it transmits the signals to max 32 channel infrared receivers, which are compatible with the infrared system complying with IEC 61603-7.

Audio distributor

      Each output of Broadcast audio distributor has built-in independent ground isolation device. It can completely isolate the input and output signal interference and eliminate the the interface caused by power supply system or ground.

Conference unit RX-C/D6640

      Multifunctional desktop conference unit RX-6640, is developed for the modernization of the conference with discussion, simultaneous interpretation, high-fidelity speakers and other functional conference unit. Full digital audio processing and transmission technology, point-to-point access, long-distance transmission of sound quality will not be reduced, the distance between devices up to 150 meters. Built-in 24-point automatic feedback suppression, all channel sound close to the CD-quality. So that guests speak freely.

      This Internet Conference, Restmoment company leds a team of 36 people, after 18 days and nights of hard work. High-tech products, perfect design, the best service to ensure simultaneous interpretation system security, normal and stable. Because of ensuring the conference running perfectly, two sessions organizers give the highly recognized.
      Restmoment simultaneous interpretation system uses the digital infrared distribution system. It ensures that the signal can be received within the radiating range with CD-level perfect sound quality. It complys with the related standards and fully meet the needs of users. It ensures the interpretation system safe, normal and stable operation.
      RESTMOMENT, since its established, we keep pace with the times. Continuous innovation, sincere and efficient service concept, professional and rigorous work attitude, we always adhere to the manufacture of world-class audio and video products, providing comprehensive and systematic application solutions .

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