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Basic Requirements for Interpretation Room
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According to the requirements of AIIC and JSIC, it has clear regulations for the construction,architectural acoustics, electronic acoustics and safety standards of interpretation room. Designing an interpretation room should include below features:
①Different languages required simultaneous transmission are separated in sound.
②There is the good communication between interpreter and participant from visual and Bi directional language.
③Provide suitable working condition for interpreters; Interpretation room is a working room which can make interpreters maintain a high concentration in whole day working.
④For movable interpretation room, it should be convenient for using and installing, light weight but sturdy.

2.Application range
The basic requirements of interpretation room are set for the room’s transportation(movable), installation and operation functions.Movable interpretation room is different as fixed facilities which can be disassembled, moved and installed in any conference hall. Some interpretation rooms are movable, but they are set well and placed near conference hall. These rooms are excluded in ISO4043-1998 international standard. The design standard should refer to ISO2603 fixed installation interpretation room standards.

3.Standards reference
Below standards include all the terms of international standards. The published in the specified version is valid and adaptable.All the parties use the latest version whenever possible. IEC and ISO members should set the valid and latest international standards.
①ISO 140-4:1998, Clause 4 of Building acoustic noise isolation measures and building environment: Measurement of   air flow and sound insulation between rooms.
②ISO 2603:1998, General characteristics and equipment of interpretation room.
③ISO 4043:1998, General characteristics and equipment of movable interpretation room.
④ISO 3382:1997, Reverberation time measurement parameters of architectural acoustics.
⑤IEC 60914:1998, Conference system requirements for active audio products.

Below definition is used for international standard:
Interpretation room: In the conference hall; It has working space for interpreters; It is a sound insulation facility for interpreters or other proceedings in the room or 2 (or over 2) different languages.
Notice: Movable interpretation room is assembled by independent module components.

5. General requirements
5.1.General description
Interpretation room is designed for providing language information for different situations. It should have good sound insulation and sound absorption function.The raw material should be odorless, static-free, fire resistant, and will not be harmful to eye, skin and respiratory system. It can not absorb or store dust. And it should have a correct color to suit for stressful working conditions; All the materials including the surface of facilities should have flatting paint.(It is unacceptable to add the top cap only on the desk.) When we choose a conference hall to install interpretation room and facilities, the basic requirement is having enough space to gurantee installing properly. Users should consult the relative questions from interpreters, facility supplier or engineer.
5.2.Suitability of the conference hall
①The conference hall should have enough space to contain participants, interpretation room and electrical equipment. And it should be far from noise source.(For example: outside traffic, inside noisy walk, elevator and kitchen)
②The conference hall should have satisfactory acoustic effect to get the clear speech sound. And it should guarantee the short reverberation time.
③The conference hall should have the proper heating and air condition. The carbon dioxide concentration will not be over 0.1%.
5.3. Address selection of conference hall
Conference hall should have enough space to place interpretation room. And interpreter can see platform, paticipants, blackboard and projection screen.(Please refer to ISO2603) To guarantee interpreters’sight, interpretation room should be higher than the floor 30cm. If possible, we can use a stable, having carpet platform which should be safe without noisy.
Can not have anything to block the sight, for example: pillar or crossbeam.
The distance between interpretation room and conference table or delegate table should be over 2M to aviod the interference.
There is no passageway to hallway which should pass the interpretation room. If possible, we suggest an exclusive access for interpretation room.
5.4. The dimension of interpretation room
Each interpretation room should contain suitable interpreters confortablely. Also interpreters can be in and out freely. The room should have ventilation and temperature controlling. The dimension of interpretation room is according to the requirements of interpreters’ healthy and job characteristics. And the inside dimension can not be less than below data:
1 or 2 interpreters:1.60m
1, 2 or 3 interpreters:2.40m
3 or 4 interpreters: 3.20m
Notice: In special case, if the space is limited, the size of 1 or 2 interpreters’ room can be: 1.50x 1.50x 1.90m
It is very important that the door has sound insulation effect: The door of interpretation room should be open outward with hinge; We can go through it to platform or room directly. It should be quiet when it is being open or closed; Unlocked. Notice: It is unaccept to use sliding door or door curtain.
5.6.Cable channel
If we want to lay the cables on the front or sides of interpretation room, please use the minmal size cable which is compatible with equipment to keep the channel unblocked.

6.1.General description
Each interpretation room should have windows on the front or sides. The size of the window on the front should be almost same as front panel. Vertical support should be narrow and not in the middle of worker’s sight view. Window glasses should be transparent and clear, no scratch which affect the sight view.
Windows on front and sides should start from 0.8m to 0.1m upon the table. The minimum distance between side window and front window is 0.6m. And the side window should be 0.1m upon the working table.

7. Acoustic requirement
7.1.Sound insulation
Interpretation room should stop all the sounds from outside, for example: the sounds from other interpretation room or conference hall, background noise; If there is a wall for all interpretation rooms, it should be completely sound proof.
Checking the sound insulation should be working according to ISO 140-4 standard for different pressure testings: Choose 1 interpretation room as receiving room, and choose a room with full of white noises or pink noises to work as sound source.(It can be conference hall or neighbouring interpretation room.)
Testing sound pressure level should be worked in sound source room and receiving room with frequency doubling bandwidth. For the noise from conference hall to interpretation room, the difference between two sound pressure levels at least should be same as the data in form 1.(Vice versa)
Form 1: Differential pressure from interpretation room to conference room(Same as opposite direction.)
Test frequency: Hz 250 500 1000 2000 4000*d
Differential pressure: dB 12 15 18 20 20
For the noise from other interpretation room, the difference between two sound pressure levels at least should be same as the data in form 2:
Form 1: Differential pressure from interpretation room to other interpretation room.
Test frequency: Hz 250 500 1000 2000 4000
Differential pressure: dB 18 21 24 26 26
Testing the sound pressure level from outside to interpretation room, we should install an interpretation room in suitable conference hall to simulate the actual situation.
7.2.Sound absorption
Adopting anti static sound absorption meterial in interpretation room will reduce reverberation. Reverberation time in interpretation room will be 0.3s to 0.5s.(Refer to ISO3382). And frequency doubling bandwidth will be 125Hz to 4000Hz.
We can use a screen with absorption material between interpretation room backside and wall to reduce sound reflex action from the wall. If there isn’t carpet in conference hall, the interpretation room should be placed on the carpet.
It should have good ventilation system in interpretation room, minimal 7 times per hour. It will not hurt interpreters. If the frequence is higher, there will be an ON/OFF switch to adjust it.
Extractor fan on the rooftop should be strong enough and minimal noise. If the vent is faced to the room directly, it should be placed on the lower wall.(It can use cold air and keep good circulation.) It should be placed toward to the back side of the room to aviod the cold air flowing to the legs of interpreters.
The weighted sound pressure level in interpretation room with ventilation system will not be over 40Db. Mechanical vibration of ventilation system should be reduced mostly.

8. Working table
Width of working table is same as interpretation room. And it is horizontally placed with vibration-absorptive material. Working table should be strong enough to support the weight of interpretation console, documents and interpreters. The underside of table should be smooth. And the size will be as below:
①Height: Up from floor 0.73m +/- 0.01m
②Total depth:Max 0.50m?` C?S0x?V&t&H
③Leg position space:Min 0.45m. Stand bar will be not in this space or stop interpreters’activities. Fixed equipment, for example: lighting, should be placed without interference on working.

Each interpretation room should have at least 2pcs tight, low heating direction lights which be installed on adjustable stand and can not affect the working table.
The lighting can cover whole working table. And the brightness has 2 options: One is low brightness 100Lx or 200Lx; The other is high brightness over 300Lx. Or it can adjust the brightness from 100Lx to 300Lx continuously. The brightness data is tested from working table.

10.Interpreter’s seat
Each interpreter or engineer wants to have a chair with below features:
①Stable support
②Adjustable height
③Adjustable chair back
④Armrest which according to human body engineering
⑤No sound noise from foot-wheels
⑥Good heat radiatiing material
⑦Individual and movable foot rest

11. Audio equipment in interpretation room
11.1. General description
There is detailed description for interpretation equipment in IEC 60914.
11.2. Console and earphone
Each interpreter should have a set of console and earphone. If there is only 1 or 2 interpreters, it is allowed to use double translation console. To satisfy different requirements from interpreters, the console should have both fasten microphone and headheld earphone.
11.3.Interpretation microphone
Interpretation microphone can be installed on movable base or working with handheld earphone. But not all the interpreters like headheld earphone. So every interpreter need a microphone.

12. Compatible with PA system
The reverberation and harmonic feedback in conference hall will affect the simultaneous interpretation. Even it can damage the memory or hearing. Although the listeners receive messages from earphone, the sound from earphone can be covered by the sound from loudspeaker easily. In fact, if the PA system can not be compatible with interpretation system, it will have interference. So when we design the PA system or control its volume, we should adopt preventive measures to aviod echo phenomenon and feedback from loudspeakers and microphones in conference hall.
If it is unavoidable to use public speaking system(for example: most of listeners prefer to listening native language), PA system should be used minimally. And we should reduce the feedback from loudspeakers and microphones in conference hall mostly.
To control top situations effectively, simultaneous interpretation system(multi-channels) and PA system(single channel) both should follow below principles:
①The sound source is from single microphone system.
②Has individual volume control to adjust each system individually. When we reduce the PA system, it will not affect the interpreter’s signal.
③The controlling of these 2 systems should be near, so operator can monitor both of them in one room.

Reference:ISO 4043:1998《General characteristic of movable interpretation room and equipments》
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