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When to Teach Girls how to Shave their Legs

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"When to Teach Girls how to Shave their Legs"
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Many questions go through the minds of parents when their daughter heads into puberty. You daughter may be at the stage where she wants to start behaving more maturely. With that comes the dreaded thought of teaching her how to shave her legs. It may be clear cut to some parents when that time comes. To others, it is yet a mystery because it's easier to just keep her a little girl forever. The truth is, she won't stay a little girl forever.

Here is how you know it is time to teach girls how to shave their legs:

She is at least twelve-years-old- Girls who aren't at least twelve-years-old don't really need to worry about shaving their legs. Girls younger than twelve can still concentrate on being a little girl. After all, she won't get to wear that title for much longer.

She has begun menstruating- When a girl begins to have her menstrual cycle, the hair on her legs and arms will generally become thicker and darker. That is why so many women begin shaving to start with. If your daughter has begun her menstrual cycle, give her a few days to deal with it before you jump into teaching her about shaving her legs.

Frequently wears skirts- If your daughter has a tendency for wearing clothing that shows her legs and she has the previously mentioned criteria, it is time to teach her how to shave her legs. She should learn how to do it properly so she doesn't end up with nicks and cuts all over the place. Smooth legs on girls looks much more feminine.

She has dark hair- Dark-haired girls often have darker hair on their legs. This means that she may have to start shaving much sooner than light-haired girls. Light-haired girls can get away with not shaving much longer. If she has light hair, it is good to encourage her to put off shaving her legs. Once she starts, she will have to do it the rest of her life. Dark-haired girls may not have this luxury.

She asks- If your daughter has hit puberty and the above applies, you should teach her how to shave her legs properly. Parents aren't always aware that it may be time. Girls don't let these things slide for too long though. If she asks, you should teach her how before she does it on her own without guidance. She could end up with cuts all over her legs because she didn't know how to do it. She could also end up with surface burns from the blade because she didn't know to use soap or shave gel or even water while she was shaving.

Underarm hair appears- If you see that she is beginning to get underarm hair, it is probably time for her to start shaving her legs as well. If underarm hair is beginning to pop out, she could soon turn into a hairy monster all over her body if you don't teach her how to get rid of it.

There are no rules that says she has to- There are no rules that state girls have to shave their legs. If she doesn't want to or isn't ready to shave her legs yet, don't force the issue. She will when she is ready. She may never want to do it. Some women go along life just fine without ever putting a razor to their legs. Women who shave their legs prefer the feminine effect it brings to her. Not all girls care about it. Let her be her own person and to make that decision for herself.

Knowing when to teach girls to shave their legs is a very personal decision between her and her parents. She should have the final say in whether or not she does it because it is her body. But encourage her to wait as long as possible before taking that step. Teach her how to shave her legs the right way. After that, she will be fine.


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