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What to Wear to Downplay Large Breasts

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"What to Wear to Downplay Large Breasts"
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If you have large breasts you wish to downplay with your clothing, there are ways of successfully achieving this. Large breasts, while giving a woman voluptuous curves, can also make her feel uncomfortable emotionally, as she is constantly aware of their size in comparison to the size of other women's. Without understanding which styles make her breasts seem even larger, and which give the appearance of reducing their size, she has little hope of achieving a less ample cleavage.

The first place to begin when considering downplaying the size of your breasts is to make sure you have a well-fitted bra. A bra that fits adequately will lift your breasts and give you more of a waist, as well as a better figure. Many women mistakenly believe that if they don't wear a bra, their chest size will not be so prominent. This in fact, is not so. Wearing a bra that lifts will put your breasts back up where they belong, and make you look more youthful.

When you are satisfied that you have bras that fit, without producing bulges or squashing bits of you where you shouldn't be squashed, it is time to consider what style of clothing either increases, or reduces the appearance of your bust size.

Polo neck garments can make large breasts seem enormous. While they can be nice and warm to wear in the winter, they really should be avoided at all costs, apart from by flatter chested women.

Instead, opt for a V necked jumper which will automatically draw an onlookers eye to your neckline, rather than to your breasts. Finish off the look with a beautiful scarf to keep out winter chills, and to add even more interest to your neck area.

Blouses with frills or details right at chest level, will increase the appearance of an already large chest. Frills and fussy details, while physically and visually extending the size of the garment in the crucial area, will also attract visual attention to your breasts.

When it comes to fabrics, opt for those that are smooth in appearance and have substance to them. Not only will they provide the best support, but they will give you a sleeker appearance.

Everyone knows that black can be slimming, and it could be that a black V necked top teamed with trousers that have more color or detail will help to create the image you desire.

However, not everyone can wear black so close to their face. If black makes your skin-tone look washed out, try a colorful scarf around your neck, or wear an outfit that is all one color from top to toe.

Large breasted women also often make the mistake of trying to cover themselves up in an attempt to hide the size of their breasts. Unfortunately all this does is to emphasize size, not only at chest level, but all over the body.

Don't be afraid to show that you have a figure. Clothes that fit well and show off your curves will give you far more confidence than baggy, sexless garments, which drape from your breasts and look unattractive.

Believe it or not, you can wear dresses that show off your waist without making your bust seem larger. If anything, a fitted outfit will make the rest of your body look interesting, so that your usual main features will become blended in appearance, as onlookers view you as a whole person, rather than as just a woman with large breasts.


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