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What to Wear to a Luau

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"What to Wear to a Luau"
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If you are wondering what to wear to a luau celebration, look no further. There are many options you can choose that don’t include a coconut bra and grass skirt, but these options are fun to wear if you would like. This article discusses several different ideas of what you should wear to a Hawaiian luau party.


The easiest and most appropriate thing you can wear to a luau is flowers. Leis are an obvious choice and they can be made or bought very inexpensively. Flowers can be worn in your hair or as a corsage. They can also be incorporated into your outfit through fabric patterns or shoes. Accessories with flowers also add a nice look, and a man can even wear a tie with tropical flowers on it to fit in at a luau.

Hawaiian Shirts

Another item to wear to a luau is a Hawaiian shirt; this is appropriate for men and women, and it works well with a variety of clothing options. Khaki pants, shorts, jeans, and slacks look good with Hawaiian shirts, and you can even wear them open and over a tank top or with a bathing suit.


When attending a luau you want comfort and where sandals, flip flops, or open-toed shoes is a good idea. This will keep you cool, provide comfort, and add to your Hawaiian style.

Flowing Skirts

Breezy skirts that are flowing and long look good and are nice for luau parties. They are comfortable and look dressy enough to suit this theme.

Surf Shorts

Wearing surf shorts to a luau is a good idea for a couple of reasons. They are light and keep you cool; they also come in tropical and flower patterns to stay with the theme. Surf shorts can also double as a bathing suit, and they look great with Hawaiian shirts or tank tops on both men and women.

Coconut Bra and Grass Skirt

When most people think of a luau they think of the hula girl in the coconut bra and grass skirt. This may not seem like a viable option for many people when deciding what to wear to a luau, but if you have the means and the gusto go for it. There is nothing more suitable to wear to a luau than a grass skirt and coconut bra.

Beach Apparel

Any beach apparel is appropriate to a luau party, and pairing a bikini top with a skirt will work well. Bathing suits will make you reminiscent of tropical locales, and wearing sarongs or swimming trunks will also add to theme.

When trying to figure out what to wear to a luau party, think tropical vacation, bring your sunglasses, and be ready to party!

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