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What to do when You’ve Cut your Bangs too Short

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"What to do when You've Cut your Bangs too Short"
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If you have cut your bangs too short, you are likely to feel dismayed and unattractive. Make the best out of the situation by concealing the hair-cutting mishap, or learn how to let your new look grow on you until your hair follows suit.

After cutting your bangs too short, you may consider purchasing a wig to wear until they are longer. It might be fun experimenting to find one that suits you. There are many wigs in different styles that you could enjoy trying on in different colors to see which looks best. You may discover new hairstyles you would not have considered before the mistake with your bangs. In a way, experimenting might be seen as providing you with fringe benefits.

If you do not like the idea of wearing a wig, opt for a headscarf. Perhaps you have seen classic black and white movies in which film stars step into sports cars and fly off with their striking counterparts. If so, you would have most likely noticed that they were wearing headscarves. By starting to wear one yourself, provided you choose a traditional design or stick to a plain scarf, others will not detect your short bangs hiding underneath. They will simply assume that you are stylish.

The brave among you may choose to shave your hair. If this is the case, consider raising money for your favorite charity by being sponsored to have your locks removed. Alternatively, you could visit a salon and have hair extensions added to give your short bangs the extra length you desire. This can be a worthwhile interim measure, especially if you are expected to attend a momentous event that requires you to look smart.

Those of you who are creative may decide that your bangs being cut extremely short provides you with an opportunity to experiment with a new hairstyle. By reshaping the rest of your hair, you may manage to balance your bangs and gain a fresh appearance. If you decide to take such action, plan your new haircut and have a professional do the job, rather than risking making another error with your hair. Your bangs are likely to look better also, with the addition of color.

The good news is that short fringes are in fashion as much as long ones are. If you browse through glossy magazines, you are likely to come across photographs of models that sport remarkably short or uneven fringes as part of their style. As a last resort, you can always behave confidently about your mishap, and give others the impression that rather than being a mistake, it was a deliberate amendment that is the latest trend.

If you have cut your bangs too short, you have a chance to experiment and turn your poor situation into a good hairstyle. Take heart by remembering it does not take long for bangs to re-grow, and you may have fun in the mean time looking at alternative hairstyle ideas.

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