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Ways to use Indian Hemp Hair Grease

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"Ways to use Indian Hemp Hair Grease"
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Ways to use Indian hemp hair grease 

Hemp eventually made its way to the colonies where it was farmed by native workers back in India. Indian hemp can sometimes be found in a hair grease used by African-American women. Some women believe that the use of Indian hemp will make your hair grow really fast.

There are ancient secrets which tell that are if women or men oil the hair and scalp every day properly then hair growth will be much more rapid. According to experts, Indian hemp is more useful and suitable because it follows ancient techniques. Sometimes beauty salons offer good hemp grease for both men and women.

Hemp is a kind of seed which is available in shampoo or in the form of conditioner. Hemp seeds are also available in the form of food.

There are several techniques to use hemp seed. A good technique is to grind the hemp seed and mix it well with oil, especially mustard oil. Mustard oil is very good agent for growing hair. Hemp seeds are very useful for health as well as giving us superb food value. Hemp can also be mixed with foods like cake or pulses. Farmed for thousands of years, it was grown and used as food by the ancient Indian and Chinese people who understood its values.

Hemp seeds contain a large number of fatty acids. Is it best to use hemp seeds internally or externally for your hair? Most nutritionists believe that is it good to use supplement or use it internally. Most Indians think that if they oil their hair with hemp seed then the growth will be more rapid. So why are you wasting your time? Go and get the hemp seed form the market. Sometime it is also used for skin. If we take it internally then there would be additional growth of skin, hair, nails etc., all beneficial to our appearances.

While hemp based shampoo should not be taken internally, it is available in the form of shampoo. It is also available in the form of a capsule which is available in India. Some women use hemp in their home made oil which is called home hemp and massaged into the hair and scalp.

If you wish to experiment with the hemp seed with oil then obviously you will end up with a good result. Remember to follow professional advice and see the difference it makes to your hair.

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