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Ways to Relieve Itchy Winter Skin

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"Ways to Relieve Itchy Winter Skin"
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Harsh winter weather can be very drying to skin, which can produce itching. Itchy winter skin can become very uncomfortable and irritating for the sufferer, which can leave you looking for relief. There are many different ways in which itchy skin can be cured and relieved, dependent on the cause. In many cases, dry skin is the contributing factor that promotes itchy skin.

What are the causes of itchy winter skin?

Once skin starts to become dry, it begins to itch, which is an unpleasant feeling that can interrupt daily activities. Itchy skin can cause great discomfort, and the more skin is itched, the more irritated it becomes irritated. Harsh winter weather strips the skin of its moisture, as the humidity is lower, and time spent indoors in heated areas also contributes to dry skin. Whilst it is tempting to spend longer soaking in a hot bath, or indulge in a long shower during wintertime, it can be detrimental to skin, as hot water is another contributing factor to dry, itchy skin, as hot water causes skin to lose essential oils.

How to find relief for itchy winter skin

Aim to reduce the amount of time that skin is in contact with water, and opt to wash with warm water rather than hot, as it is kinder to skin. In addition, look into changing skincare products, and find alternatives that are mild and gentle. Many hygiene products contain moisturizing properties, and feature added ingredients to soothe skin. Highly scented skincare products can cause more irritation to already dry and itchy skin, so opt for a body wash that is designed for delicate skin. Ensure towels are soft and fluffy, and always pat the skin dry to prevent it from becoming more damaged.

Tips on moisturizing skin

During wintertime it is essential to keep skin hydrated to prevent it from drying out. Select an unscented moisturizer, natural products are preferable, especially when dry skin is already present. Aim to moisturize shortly after showering, as skin locks in moisture more effectively when it is still slightly damp. Lavishly apply moisturizer, gently massaging in a circular motion to help increase circulation. Ensure to concentrate on dry, itchy patches, and on areas that are exposed to the elements. Apply a good quality face cream to the face and neck morning and night. Hands are more susceptible to becoming dry and itchy, so more care is needed here. Take care to regularly apply a hand moisturizer that easily absorbs.

How to avoid further skin irritation

To prevent itchy skin from becoming more problematic and irritated, opt to wear soft cotton clothes against the skin, and avoid wearing wool, and other garments that can cause skin to become more irritated. In addition, if skin is itchy consider changing washing detergents, as some can irritate already sore and itchy skin. It is advisable to give clothes an extra rinse after washing to remove as much detergent as possible. If dry skin is a common occurrence during wintertime consider investing in a humidifier, as these put moisture back into the air, which will lessen the chances of skin becoming dry.

Taking care of skin should be a yearlong practice to keep it in optimum condition. Each and every person has a different skin type, and some methods may work for one, but not another, so try experimenting to see what works best to relieve itchy skin conditions. If dry itchy skin persists seek advice from a doctor or dermatologist.

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