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Tips for using a Tanning Bed for the first Time

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"Tips for using a Tanning Bed for the first Time"
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How would you like your body Madam? Rare, medium or well done?

Tanning beds now give people the option to tan their bodies without lying in the sun for hours on end. Many sun-worshipers fail to realize that a tan is actually a sign of damaged skin and is the price to be paid for the superficial look they desire.
There are plenty of horror stories that are a stark reminder of the dangers of tanning excessively out in the open sun or lying on a tanning bed.

Should you decide to use a tanning salon to give your body the color tone you want, there are some basic factors to bear in mind.
This is especially true if you are inexperienced in the area of tanning salons.
Using a tanning bed for the first time is something you should approach with care and consideration to ensure you do nothing that will seriously affect your well-being.

1. Select a reputable tanning salon. There are plenty of disreputable ones around, with employees who are relatively unqualified to give advice that is clear and safe. Try to choose a salon that is busy and well used in the community. Just like busy restaurants, this is a sign of quality.

2. Ask questions. Before you strip off and lay yourself out on the tanning bed, be sure to ask for advice in view of the fact that this is your first visit. Any tanning business worth it's salt will have procedures in place for new visitors.

3. Limit yourself. On your first visit, limit the time you spend on the tanning bed. Gaining the tan you want should be a gradual process, allowing your skin to adapt to the procedure just as you would when in the open sunlight.

4. Know yourself. Be aware of your skin tone before you expose yourself to a tanning session. Those who are fair-skinned should take precautions similar to those they would take outdoors. Too much exposure could cause serious damage. Again, a reputable tanning salon will have employees who can give you clear advice suited to you as an individual.

Tanning is a procedure many use to improve their superficial looks but is a process that should be approached with care and reasonableness.

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