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Tips for Removing Hair from Legs without Shaving or Waxing

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"Tips for Removing Hair from Legs without Shaving or Waxing"
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If you're like me, you've tried just about every product out there to get and maintain silky smooth legs longer. Electrolysis is financially impossible for most of us, and waxing is painful and costly. I tried home waxing but didn't have the stomach to do more than a couple of strips before I decided that the pain wasn't worth the reward. So, what is the answer? I have found a combination of products and strategies that seem to work really well for me and have for years.

First, the main product I use to maintain silky smooth legs is called the Hair-off Mitten. You may have seen it advertised on TV or in the aisles at Walmart. It looked ridiculous to me until I got one as a free sample with another product. The silly thing WORKED! It is essentially an extremely fine grained sandpaper treated with aloe that removes and thins the hair. The trick that I discovered though is that this product MUST be used in accordance with the directions and only once a week to start. The process will irritate the skin if over used initially. What I have found works really well is to use the mitten first to remove the hair and ex foliate the dead skin from my legs, then I do a quick touch up shave to catch any hair that was missed, then I use a lotion designed to reduce hair growth and minimize shaving (Aveeno makes a nice one).

My legs are smooth and feel twenty years younger (they feel like they did when I was a teenager except smoother). Plus, the more you use the mitten and the lotion the finer the hair on your legs is and the slower it grows back. Now before I wrote this article, I quit using the lotion for several months and then quit using the mitten. My hair growth gradually returned to "normal" and I felt like shaving even with a new blade didn't get my legs smooth. I reintroduced the mitten and it was better, and then reintroduced the lotion and once again found the same excellent results. After about three-four weeks of using all these products your legs will be significantly smoother, but you will see some results right away. The Hair Off Mitten is distributed by CCA Industries and can be ordered from on-line drugstores if you can't find it in the stores near you. They are inexpensive enough to fit any budget. One box contains three mittens and will last about three-four weeks depending on how often you use them and the coarseness of your hair and usually costs about five dollars.

I do not work for any of these companies - I just found the best way to maintain the silkiest, smoothest legs I have ever had and want to share it with everyone!This is a real beauty tip from a real woman who uses what she preaches.

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