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The Importance of Fashion

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"The Importance of Fashion"
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As civilized human beings, clothing is a requirement in order to be decent and presentable to the public. So unless you are a nudist, you may have difficulty deciding what to wear in the morning and discovering your own personal style. Some people on the other hand simply don't see fashion as something important and pick out random articles of clothing, disregarding the message they are sending to the public. The fact is clothing does more than just conceals your body, it has to ability to accentuate your figure, minimize your flaws, give you the image of either professionalism or slovenliness, convey your individuality, and make you feel your best.

Since the vast majority of people have no choice but to clothe themselves, there is no excuse for people to wear unflattering clothes. People come in all shapes and sizes and there are an assortment of clothing styles that are capable of both accentuating your best assets and concealing your flaws. This alone makes fashion a very important thing. If women were to accept their body types and learn how to dress them by wearing flattering clothing, they may never have to ask their husbands the dreaded question "Do I look fat in this?" again.

Fashion is also a reflection of yourself and what kind of person you are. Even though you may have an excellent career, people may be wary of your ability if you look unkempt. It's only human nature for people to judge others by their appearance, and ones attire is a vital component of that. Fashion is important because it allows people to project the image that they want others to see. Although people may object and tell others "not to judge a book by its cover," first impressions are everything. If you do not look the part when you are going into a job interview, you risk your employers giving the job to someone they feel would be more qualified. Your wardrobe may not only have an impact on your professional life, but your personal life as well. If you are in the dating scene, you want to look your best and a part of that is by dressing appropriately. If you are a women who wear miniskirts and low-cut shirts, you may attract the wrong kind of men because you are giving the impression of being easy.

Not only is fashion a powerful way of manipulating the public's opinion of you, it also allows your convey your individuality. If you went to a private school where you were forced to wear uniforms, you may realize how boring it is to dress just like everyone else. There are an assortment of stores that sell different styles of clothing from preppy, punk, goth, and skater. You can show the world what type of music you listen to by wearing the shirt you got at a concert, your sense of humor by wearing a tee with a witty saying, or your stance on political issues by wearing it on your attire. Fashion is not all about trends. We should not be mindless zombies that believe what Vogue says we have to wear. Fashion is about looking our best while still incorporating our own unique style and individuality while choosing clothing that flatters our body.

Lastly, fashion is important to make people feel their best. When you wear clothes that fit you properly and really mirror your taste, it can add a boost of confidence. When you feel good in what you are wearing, you may find yourself in a better mood and in turn people will begin to view you differently. Overall, it's amazing what some fabric and do for our self-esteem!

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