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The Danger of Tattoos

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I believe the topic is "The Danger of tattoos", so without going off topic I am going to explain to you the real dangers of getting tattoos. It is no joke that tattoos are popular and every day more and more people are getting them done. What people do not realize is that there are some real present dangers to getting tattoos and very few people are aware of them.

The biggest danger of getting a tattoo is HIV, Tuberculosis, and Hepatitis B. The diseases mentioned are all diseases that are contracted through blood and if you're getting a tattoo anywhere other than a Licensed tattoo shop you need to make sure you see them sterilize their equipment before they begin your tattoo. When getting a tattoo you should really take your time in choosing the artist to make sure he is clean and the space he works in is well taken care of.

Bleeding does occur during the tattoo, anytime when blood is present there has to be proper procedures in sterilization and the removal of waste that contains blood. Ask the artist you're considering getting a tattoo from how he handles the sterilization of his equipment and how he disposes of tainted materials. You should be adamant on making sure the artist uses a clean brand new needle for your tattoo as well. There have been documented cases of people contracting diseases from dirty tattoo needles. Be aware!

Other problems associated with body art are toxic shock syndrome, tetanus, venereal ulcers, tuberculosis and a host of skin diseases. Make sure you sit down and talk to the artist about these concerns to see if he is knowledgeable about them. If he is not move on and find one that is. Is the tattoo artist using dyes that are approved? Another big question that needs to be asked, yet rarely is. It is too late once the ink is already in your skin, so find out your concerns first!

Another thing you should be cautious and inquisitive of is if they are reusing their ink from person to person. It is extremely dangerous to allow them to use the same ink that was used on someone else due to the risk of exposure to the other persons blood. Keep in mind, that tattoo parlors and piercing venues are not held to the same sterility standards as doctors' offices and hospitals.

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time you should consider having a small piece of your skin inked to see if you acquire an allergic reaction or any type of infection from the ink. You must also remember that the tattoo is permanent and you will have it for life. Take into consideration the placement of your tattoos and whether or not it may be a disqualification of future employment opportunities.

The cost of having a tattoo removed far exceeds the placement of the tattoo, keep this in mind as well. Tattoos can be undoubtedly a great self expression and very artistic but you have to keep in mind the risks and health factors first. Do your homework on the artist and their establishment before hand. Try to avoid tattoos done in your home or someone else's for the level of sterilization is much poorer than in a licensed tattoo shop.

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