The best White Matte Eyeshadows White Matte Eyeshadows the best Matte Eyeshadows

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"The best White Matte Eyeshadows White Matte Eyeshadows the best Matte Eyeshadows"
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Searching for a decent eye shadow can be tough, that is certain, but searching for a white matte eye shadow can be tougher. I know this because I have tried. In my search I have discovered that white matte eye shadows look fantastic with just about any color and shade under the sun, if they are worn properly. I have to admit, although black and white differ, they are actually more alike than what most people realize. I absolutely love white matte eye shadow, so I have decided to taper down the many white matte eye shadows in the cosmetic business to only the best.

If you are looking for a fantastic matte white eye shadow, look no further than Mac Cosmetics. Despite being quite a scarcity, "Gesso" is truly one of the best matte white eye shadows to exist in planet beauty. For only $14.50, "Gesso" is one of my favorite matte white eye shadows because it provides one of the best color pay-offs I have ever achieved, as well as, received from an eye shadow cosmetic.

Applying white matte eye shadow can be rather fluid, as despite the lightness of the shade, when using it, you can still make a mistake, as it is profoundly discernible. Mac Pro creates pigments that provide you with rich color that is as vibrant and lively as the individual that wears it. Mac Pro also creates a pigment called "Pure White" which is a flat white matte. It is quite intense, as well as, long-lasting and for just $19.50 you get more than what you pay for.

I absolutely love wearing white matte eye shadows with colorful shimmers, as well as, satins and lustres. In fact, I truly believe that the perfect white matte shadow is highly beneficial towards creating the right look. One of the best kept secrets is definitely Bobbi Brown's eye shadow in "White 01" which is a pure white matte and it is only $20. Make no mistake, just because white is a light shade, does not mean it is not rich nor visible.

Make Up For Ever creates some of the best eye shadows, including matte eye shadows. One of the best white matte eye shadows is definitely "White 0" which is a nice matte white. The color is subtle, however; it can be built to be dramatic. This color goes amazing with just about any shade and looks best as a highlight. If you are looking for a great white matte eye shadow that is only $19, I recognize this one.

While shopping at Sephora, I discovered the beauty brand Lorac. This brand is known for numerous products, however; what others don't realize is, this brand creates an amazing baked white matte eye shadow called "Chic". For only $22, you get a substantial amount of product that really does do it's job. I actually recently purchased this one and for as pigmented as it is, you can wear it exciting or you can wear it soft and you will still look great.

The color white is only boring if you let it. I have to tell you, Illamasqua creates some of the finest quality of eye shadow product you will find. For only $20, "Sex" proves why it is one of the best white matte eye shadows. The color is quite powerful, but you can wear it any way you want. I actually like to wear this product as a highlight. If you are looking for a true white matte, you just cannot go wrong with "Sex".

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