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The best Dress Styles for Women with no Defined Waist

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"The best Dress Styles for Women with no Defined Waist"
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In creating a versatile wardrobe, it is useful to include a few different dress styles. To achieve a flattering appearance, it is very important to choose styles that suit your body shape. The following article is a brief guide to choosing dress styles that flatter women who do not have a defined waist.

When you are straight up and down through the torso the fashion challenge is to create the appearance of curves. The following style advice is aimed at helping you do that when wearing a dress.

Style & cut

It is best to look for a dress that already has some shape when it is hanging on the hanger. Steer clear of styles that just hang, or anything that has a boxy shape like shapeless shift dresses, or loose tunic style dresses.

Stylist Gok Wan says ‘always look for a dress with ‘hanger appeal’. I don’t want to spook you, but does the dress look like it’s already got a body inside it while it’s still on the hanger? That’s the dress for you. Has it already got volume at the chest and hips, a wide fitted waistband or a tightly cinched-in waist? Basically, if the dress already has better curves than you do, buy it.’

Good styles include; military style shirt dresses that have epaulettes at the shoulders, pockets at the hips and a waist tie, corset style dresses and styles with cap or puff sleeves, fitted waists and A line or full skirts.

Color & print

When you are straight up and down it can be beneficial to wear print fabrics to create some interest. When it comes to color selection you can help to create the appearance of a more defined waist by wearing light and bright colors on the top and bottom, but a dark color like black through your waist region. Based on the rule that light colors advance and dark colors recede this can help make your waistline appear more defined. Recently color block dresses that have different colored panels have become popular. If you can find a style with the right color placement these can prove very flattering on your body shape.


It is a good idea to choose a dress that features fabric which is textured, or quite structured  on your upper torso and lower body, because this will help to add volume to these areas and hence make your waist appear more curvy. Alternatively try dresses made from delicate, feminine fabrics that bring a softer appearance to your straight torso.

Decoration & details

You are free to play around with pretty details at the shoulders and hips so consider; pleats, gathers, frills and ruffles, flap pockets, or lace details. Look for dresses that feature waist defining belts, or add your own wide belt. Finally, consider styles that feature shoulder padding details.

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