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Retro Style how to look like a 50s Bombshell

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"Retro Style how to look like a 50s Bombshell"
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Retro Style

Ever wonder why women like Marilyn Monroe, Eva Gardner, Sophie Lauren, and Jane Russell still stand as 50's icons of sex appeal? What was it about these women that set them apart? Each had curves, wide hips, small waist, full breast, and shapely legs. They were not twigs, and did not have silicon enhances features. They were natural, real women, who were human and were flawed. Yet on screen they were magnificent.

How does a modern woman become a 21st century bombshell? Each of these ladies was a starlet. The Hollywood studios put their best people together to create a unique look and image for these ladies.

Here are several things you can do to achieve this look.

1. Study pictures of different 50's stars. Do you have any features in common? Is your face shaped like Elizabeth Taylor's? Do you have the wholesome looks of Debbie Reynolds? Full lips? Long nose?

2. Hair was styled to enhance good features and detract attention away from not so good features. It was worn close to the head, with a little back-combing to add fullness and height. The hair moved and was healthy looking.

3. Make-up was obvious. Red lipstick, eyebrow pencils, and mascara, with a little rouge. Skin is smooth and flawless. Depending in the shape and size of the eyes eyeliner was added.

4. Underwear was a must. Along with proper foundation garments. Garter belts, or garters held up nylon stockings. Bras held breast high and shaped into points. Waists were pinched to be at least 10-12 inches smaller than the bust and hips.

5. Clothing was fitted. Skirts were either very full to call attention to the small waist or very tight to direct attention to the hips and bullocks. A split up the back of the skirt allowed the woman to walk with ease and show a peep at forbidden territories. Blouses neckline called attention to the breast and helped to flatter the shape of the face.

6. Posture was erect, with shoulders held back and down and the head held high. Stomach always tucked in, but a little rounded.

7. The walk was from the hips giving a swing to the hips.

8.Confidence radiated from these sex sirens. They knew they were sexy and were not afraid to let the world or their man know it. It was okay to be sexy, lush and desirable.

The 50's bombshell look was as much of an attitude as a look. Every woman today can have that sultry, come to me feeling. It means embracing and loving the way you look. It means feeling sexy and desirable and having that self-assurances reflected in the way you carry your self and behave. It means making the best with what you have, and accepting you as you are.

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