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You'll never forget the day of your engagement. The moment that ring slid onto your finger your life was changed forever. There are many reasons, however, to restyle your engagement ring. Whether or not you loved your engagement ring on that day, there is no guarantee your personal style will not have changed years down the road. Most people are on a much stricter budget when they get engaged than later on in life and the size and extravagance of your ring may be too understated to reflect your achievements. 

Restyle Events

Most jewelry stores offer restyling events to serve their customer’s needs. The larger retail chains like Zales, Kay, and Gordon’s Jewelers have established relationships with third party vendors who manage the restyling events on their behalf. To make an appointment at a restyling event contact your local jewelry store and find out when their next design event is. Most stores have them every 3 months and will be happy to schedule an appointment for you to meet with the restyle representative.

Before your appointment try to envision the look you are hoping for but arrive at your appointment open minded. The restyle specialist will bring hundreds of choices for you and create your new ring right there while you wait. Make sure your husband or wife is with you if they are going to be involved with the design or financial decision. Be prepared to decide that evening and go home with the perfect ring you’ve always imagined.

Restyle ideas

Love your diamond but not the setting? Pick out a mounting with side stones. Try baguettes or channel set diamonds. Change up the metal. If you have a gold mounting, upgrade to platinum or change to white gold.

Is your diamond too small? Consider creating a three stone diamond ring and use your original diamond as one of the smaller two diamonds on the side of a much larger diamond. If this just won’t do the trick, look at mountings that can be used as a pendant.

Working with a jeweler

If you are too indecisive to restyle your diamond at a restyle event it is best to work with an independent jeweler. The only problem with this alternative is the limited selection of mountings. Also, it is less likely the jeweler will assemble the newly restyled ring while you wait. You will probably be leaving your ring there for a few days while the work is completed.

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