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Recommended Time Interval between Hair Colorings

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"Recommended Time Interval between Hair Colorings"
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The professional recommendation for hair color maintenance is every 4 to 6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and the contrast of the natural hair color and the fashion color shade. Hair grows approximately to an inch of regrowth every 4 to 6 weeks; regrowth is the hair that one would see between the scalp and the fashion color. When regrowth is of an inch or more, the contrast or line of demarcation is not very easy on the eye. That is why professional salon service providers recommend every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the desired fashion trend shade of color.

Regrowth that is more than an inch from the scalp processes at a different rate than that under the inch mark. This can result in more time, higher cost and uneven color for the client. These issues with hair color can be avoided by getting the fashion color shade retouched every 4 to 6 weeks. The color results are better, less fading and less time consuming.

Our natural body heat extends to an inch from the scalp surface. Hair color can process at room temperature, under artificial heat or capped to increase the temperature beyond that to an inch of regrowth but the regrowth will still be slightly higher in temperature. Therefore there is still a battle to even out the processing ability for the regrowth portion of the hair and the existing fashion shade when the guidelines of 4 -6 weeks are not honored.

Hair color can still be done with more regrowth than an inch. This is then considered a corrective color. Thereby the added cost factors in when you go beyond the 6 week mark to refresh and recolor the fashion trend shade. Some of the adjustments that the colorist has to make to ensure even color results are but are not limited to:

1. Applying color in a different order. Rather than regrowth, refresh ends color treatment; it would be midlength, regrowth, refresh ends and then color treatment. This change in application order can add an additional 30 minutes to service time to one's appointment.
2. Mixing more than one bowl to compensate for the varying temperature "zones" on the hair
3. More application time
4. More processing time.

Most of what was shared in this article is based on permanent hair color, high lift blondes or 3 or more levels of hair color different than the natural hair color shade. Other options for fashion color trends are:

1. Demi-permanent hair color: this is hair color that acts like a permanent hair color but fades evenly from root to ends therefore resulting in softer lines of demarcation. The limits to this type of hair color is that it may only lift hair 1 to 1 shades lighter than natural color but can deposit or darken hair to whatever level of color one desires.

2. Semi-permanent hair color: this is hair color that is deposit only or darkens or refreshes existing hair color only. The limit is that it fades from root to end in about 25 shampoos and it does not lighten hair color.

There are many options in fashion hair color today. Make sure that you always consult with a licensed professional before you commit to any fashion color choice. Most colorists are delighted to sit down and consult these options out for you as well as recommend what would enhance the existing color you have. Once that color choice is made prebooking your appointment with your colorist of choice, every 4- 6 weeks will ensure beautiful color results in between appointments as well as the day you walk out of the salon.

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