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Recommendations for African American Short Cut Hairstyles

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"Recommendations for African American Short Cut Hairstyles"
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If you've decided to fore go the popular wigs, weaves, and braids that are so popular with African-Americans, and wear your natural hair, then a fashionable short cut may be the way to go. To achieve a really fashionable African-American short cut hairstyle will take some planning on your part. You should always involve a professional stylist whenever you decide to make any drastic changes to your hair, and or change its texture. There are also countless hairstyle magazines that will be a wealth of information for you in showcasing different short cut styles. You should use these along with any professional advice that your stylist offers.

The easiest and the most popular African-American short cut is of course the style known as the natural. This cut is achieved when an African-American female decides that she no longer wants to be a captive of her hair. This style is accomplished by going to your stylist or maybe just to your neighborhood barber and instructing them to cut off all of your hair whereby the only hair that remains is reminiscent of a man's haircut known as a fade. The length of the hair that remains can not be measured in inches. Only the hairline is prominent by its clean outline. This haircut requires minimum attention and care. You simply shampoo your hair, usually daily, use hair oil for sheen, brush and go.

Some of the more popular short African-American cuts will leave a few inches so that your stylist will be able to utilize a curling iron. This way the stylist, or you groom will be able to change your short cut to suit your need, or even your mood in showcasing different hairstyles. One of these is known as a pixie cut, made popular by the actress Halle Berry before she decided to allow her hair to grow long. There are many variations of this pixie cut. Some chose to have their hair lay flat on their head highlighting a bang, and letting the back remain short and close to the scalp. Toni Braxton had a very flattering cut as this some years back. Some of these cut may feature "spikes" on the top of the head.

In the last several decades, some women have opted to have their short cuts braided and some have decided to wear their hair in a popular style known as dreadlocks. Though dreadlocks are usually worn long, there are some who wear a variation of the dreadlocks that are known as twists. This style, twists, can be very flattering when worn very short as well.

Always remember, that just because a style is popular, or may be very flattering on a select few should not dictate that you should copy this style. Factors such as age, your facial features, and even your lifestyle should help determine if a short cut is right for you. A great many African-American women opt for short cuts just for the sheer convenience of not being tied down to the ritual of spending a lengthy time styling their hair every morning.

The "Bob" made famous by the legendary hairstylist Vidal Sassoon is a very popular African-American short cut. It's very flattering to a lot of women, and requires minimum fuss to maintain. Some women still opt to have their hair chemically curled, and then cut very short. This is known as a "Jheri Curl", named after the brand of chemicals used to obtain this look.

In conclusion, the most important advice to African-Americans who decide for a short cut, do not attempt to cut your hair yourself, especially in a short cut. Because the texture of African-American hair varies so greatly any attempts to cut your own hair inevitably ends up a disaster. Please leave this to a professional.

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