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Product Reviews Skin Doctors Hair no more Inhibitor Spray

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"Product Reviews Skin Doctors Hair no more Inhibitor Spray"
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HairNoMore from Skin Doctors is a hair growth inhibitor spray which really means the ingredients are absorbed into the hair follicles and discourage hair from growing back. It's ideal for people like me with dark hair which really shows as it can be used with numerous hair removal methods and will eventually save the pain of continually shaving, waxing or epilating to get rid of unwanted hair. The product is safe enough to use on legs, underarms, and the top lip but not for genital areas. This isn't a miracle cure believe me and there will not be instant results so perseverance is needed. However, the product claims hair growth will become thinner and less noticeable over time and claims that sometimes it NEVER grows back again! Well I tried it out to see.

The product comes in a biggish box which has the directions, claims, ingredients and cautions. This has to be kept (well until you learn what to do) because there is nothing on the bottle. It may feature the photo of a woman but I don't necessarily feel this is only suitable for females; some males frequently remove hair from their bodies chest, etc., and the only restrictions are the ears, nose, eyes, nipples, breasts, perianal and genital area. The 120ml plastic bottle is very simple, transparent with a slight frosted look, and is a pump spray which really helps getting in those harder to reach areas at the back of the legs etc. If applying to the face the top can also be unscrewed to dampen cotton wool with it and dab on the area above the lips.

The liquid is clear and almost has a medicated smell to it; slightly minty but unless sticking your nose in the bottle won't be that recognizable. The smell reminds me of a Vicks Inhaler that you'd stick up your nose although is certainly not as strong as that. As it is a spray, it's simple to use but with products like this, including perfumes, I always feel some of it gets wasted as most lands on the floor. I've never had a problem with it damaging furniture or carpets although usually it's best to keep away from furnished surfaces.

Personally I wear gloves when applying any type of product because it saves my hands becoming greasy, but this product is different. The instructions state to apply liberally although I only use a couple of sprays on the front of my legs and one to two on the back. It then says to massage into the skin. As I wear gloves the product doesn't soak into my hands instead of my legs so this helps the product go a lot further. The liquid isn't greasy at all and is very easily absorbed into the skin giving my legs a nice shine but not in a greasy way. If whatever part of the body gets a bit sweaty then sometimes the product becomes a little sticky like sitting on a leather chair and trying to prise yourself away from it when getting up. The smell of the product disappears as it is absorbed which is a plus although I do quite like the smell.

The product should be used daily for the first week then at least twice a week thereafter. It does say that if your hair is quite thick, dark or has strong regrowth then it should be applied twice daily to get to work quicker so I did for a while. I used the spray in conjunction with shaving and epilating. What I did notice right at the start was even after two uses I could see the liquid going down. So with daily use it was doubtful the product would last long enough to even see any effect.

For the purpose of this review, I used the full content of the bottle which lasted a couple of months. I did use it daily, although perhaps not as religiously as I should have, but did use it especially after removing hair. As epilating is one of my most used methods I do find that my legs get red, blotchy and look as if someone stabbed me with pins but this liquid with witch hazel and St John's wort actually helped ease that feeling and left my legs looking a lot better. It didn't really sting but I think it may be the mintyness in it that can feel a bit tingly after use. Although I did use the spray often I really didn't see that much of a difference through continual use. I could certainly notice the liquid disappearing but being unable to compare the results from beginning to end I was left quite disappointed as I had hoped I'd found something to rid me from the pain of hair removal.

The cost of the product is not as cheap as Johnson's Hair Minimizing Lotion but actually double that. To me it was a big waste of money; although in general it did have its advantages it didn't do the main job it was intended for. The hair may have become a little thinner while using but once the spray was finished, unfortunately so were the results as now, months after use, it just seems like it did before.

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