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Plus Size Women Fashion Tips what not to Wear

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"Plus Size Women Fashion Tips what not to Wear"
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Any woman, no matter her shape and size, has the right to look and feel good. A lady carrying a voluptuous body can style and profile as a lady carrying a slim frame. It is all about dressing the size you are; not the size you desire to be. Wearing the wrong clothes can accentuate a low self-esteem and bad, body image. However, wearing the right clothes can raise a low self-esteem and provide confidence in your body. Here are some dos and don't in dressing your physique. Remember: Size doesn't matter when it comes to appropiate style.


Don't dress smaller than your size. If a sexy outfit is a size smaller, leave it alone. A smaller outfit will fit smaller on you. It will make you sweat in unmentionable places. Just don't do it.

Don't wear bright colors. Bright colors make for bigger images. You will stand out in a negative way. Sunshine yellow, candy-apple red, and violet are just a few that will bring attention to all your problem areas. These colors magnify worse in tight-fitting and undersized outfits.

Don't wear clothes with lines going across. Lines going across make a woman look wider across.

Don't wear tapered jeans. Jeans tapered at the ankles will make your ankles look fat and stumpy.

Don't wear the latter three in an outfit. All these clothes together will create an "ice cream" effect on your appearance.

Don't wear narrow shoes if your feet are wide. Wearing shoes too tight are painful to walk in and too painful look at.

Those were the don'ts. Here are the dos.


Dress your size. If you're a size fourteen, dress a size fourteen. Don't go down a size smaller to look better. You should go up a size and have your clothes tailored down to fit.

Use a tailor. A qualified tailor is a plus size woman's best friend. Compiling an array of great outfits is an investment. Spend an extra $40-$80 to have your clothes customed to fit you. Ten, quality outfits make a far better wardrobe than thirty, disposable outfits.

Buy wide-legged slacks or jeans. Wide-legged slacks or jeans will make you look longer. They also go well with pointed heels or boots and designer sandals.

Accentuate your appendages. Take in a manicure or a pedicure. Use theses as accessories to top off an outfit. French-tipped, chrome and ivory-polished fingernails and toenails make clothes combinations pop! Consider spending between $50-$125 to receive quality workmanship. Also, purchase a home manicure and pedicure kit at any Walmart, Target, Younkers, Herbergers or Dillard's. Do-it-yourself is always the best. The machine is only $60.00 at most places in-store or online.

Wear pointed heels. They make your feet look longer and add depth to your overall look. Open-toed heels will show off that dynamite pedicure!

If you must wear lines, wear lines that go up and down. They add length and slim the widest part of you.

Wear earth tone colors. Avoid wearing all classic black. Black doesn't make someone look slimmer. That's an old wives' tale. White, chocolate, mustard, beige, tar heel blue and marroon are best for slimming and lengthening a plus size woman.

Do the do's.. Avoid the don'ts. Do that and your shopping can be simple, easy and fun.

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