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Perfume Reviews Exclamation by Coty

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"Perfume Reviews Exclamation by Coty"
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Having been wearing this perfume nearly every day for about a decade now, I really do feel qualified to review it.

Being the difficult thing that I am, I'm actually allergic to most perfumes - with the exception of Exclamation. That may be because it isn't as abrasive as other similar perfumes or that may equally be just because I've worn it for so long that I've built up an intolerance to it. Without being able to conduct scientific tests on the matter I'm afraid I just can't say with any degree of accuracy; at least it's putting the thought out there that sensitive souls like myself may also find they get on with this product where others have failed.


Exclamation 50ml Eau De Toilette comes in a small, simple black and white box with a bright pink lining (all my favourite colours!). I've always thought the packaging was really appealing in style and colouring as it's beautifully simple and classic. The box is white glossy card with black sides that read "Exclamation" in white with the trademark pink "X" and inverted "i", The front of the packaging bears the actual logo which consists of a black exclamation point containing the word "Exclamation" complete with the aforementioned pink letters. On the back you'll find the Exclamation motto "Make a statement without saying a word!" as well as the all important ingredient list and product specifications.


Gorgeous. When you lift the bottle out of the outer packaging you find a dainty little exclamation mark shaped bottle in white with a large black dot in the middle of the bottle and a shaped black lid. There's no mistaking which brand of perfume you're holding. The bottle feels very smooth and expensive which is amazing considering the product is so reasonably price - especially compared to the majority of perfumes on the market these days. My only quibble with the packaging is that the top of the lid has a panel in it that is supposed to be sealed yet I have found on more than one occasion, in fact about one in five bottles does this, the panel comes off. You can just slot it back again but on occasion I have lost this and it makes the product look cheap when that happens.


Sweet and breezy is the best way I can describe it. It's essentially a floral bouquet of Amazon Lily, Orangeflower, Neroli, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Bergamot fused with amber and musk but to me I find the scent is more fruity than it is floral. There's not a hint of old lady about it with the scent having been aimed at the younger generation. In all the years I've been using it, the original scent has hardly changed since the product was first launched back in 1988.

You may also be interested to know that I've had a lot of comments over the years that I "always smell nice". I know that's rather a strange compliment to receive but it just goes to show that this perfume lasts throughout the day if people have made such observations and comments. I've also noticed that my laundry often smells lightly of Exclamation long after it's been discarded and thrown into the laundry bin which is no mean feat given how long my laundry can sit there for!

My ex-husband always loved this scent and came to just expect me to smell like this, lol. He told me after we'd just started dating that the first time I stayed over (this was 2yrs before we actually dated) he didn't wash the pillow for 3 days because it smelled like me! I think what he must have meant was it smelled like Exclamation in fairness. Now that's staying power.


You can get a 50ml bottle of Exclamation from Fragrance Direct for just nine pounds including postage and packaging.

In stores you would expect to pay about twelve pounds fifty pence for this size and it can be hard to come by sometimes too. Superdrug is the best store I know for keeping it in stock though you can sometimes pick it up in Boots too. Places like Tesco and Lloyds Chemist do occasionally stock it but generally I find they often only carry the body spray.

In the past this product went through a faze of very limited availability which I found frustrating but in recent years it's been re-launched and is now available in more stores than ever before.


This is my favourite fragrance of all time. It's light, breezy, fruity and feminine; definitely suitable for every day wear. You're not going to get such a sweet and delicate perfume as this at a more affordable price in my opinion. I would say it's most suitable for young women between the ages of about 15 and 30. At present I can't imagine myself every changing scents but I think I might find at some point in the future I'm going to be too "mature" to wear such a young, sweet scent. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it though.

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