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Make too Big Ears look Smaller

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"Make too Big Ears look Smaller"
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Do Your Ears Hang Low 

I used to worry about my ears, because I take after my Mom who I realized by age six, had quite big ones. I used to look at her ears and my Dad's nose and obsessively contemplate about these imperfections that I had obviously inherited. My undying concern about having less than perfect features made my life miserable. Whenever I looked in the mirror, all I could see were my ears and my nose. I was so busy feeling imperfect and comparing myself to other people with more classic features, that I missed out on appreciating my own actually good looks for about thirty years.

Today I am thirty-nine years old. Today I think my ears are fine, I wear lots of earrings on them and also wear my hair behind my ears! (I also stopped pushing my nose up with my thumb, on every occasion possible, and think it's normal sized today). No, I haven't had surgery, and I never ever will...what I did do was this:

I worked on changing my perspective. I focused on what I liked more than on what I didn't, and I when I stopped obsessing, I swear my ears and nose became normal sized for my face. Think you are pretty and everyone thinks the same - try it! It really truly works!

I did another thing; I'd visit the mall weekly, and go into the photo booth determined to get a pretty picture of myself. It took quite a while, and it took endurance and determination. All this helped me learn how to see that I objectively appeared prettier than I thought I was. I figured out what smile looked best on me, and how I looked prettiest, and what face made me feel dorky. I also realized that I was quite photogenic when I wasn't stressed out about whether other people would judge me.

Another thing that helped me recently was watching all the seasons of America's Next Top Model, and Tyra Banks who told me (not personally of course!) that even models have imperfections - everyone does, and the trick of the trade is to embrace your imperfections and turn them into your strength and uniqueness. After all, what is so special about looking like you came out of a doll factory.

I have to admit that I still fear reaching 70 and having my ears grow bigger, as they are known to do in old age, and worse yet - hair is known to grow out of them! Even the song my Mom used to sing, that made me laugh as a kid, doesn't console me much - not yet anyway - "Do your ears hang low? DO they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot? can you tie them in a bow? Can you toss them over your shoulder like a continental soldier - Do your ears hang low?"
But I still have a few years to figure that one out.

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