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Lipstick has been a traditional part of women's make-up for years. It has a thick, opaque consistency designed to completely cover your lip's original color. It generally appears formal and few under the age of 25 feel comfortable using it. Lip gloss, however, is light, enhances what you naturally have without covering it up, and everyone from 12-year-olds to 60-year-olds feels comfortable wearing it. Lip gloss can also go from daytime casual to evening appropriate in a flash. Lip gloss, in its great versatility, is superior to lipstick when you can only pick one.

Lip gloss is often associated with the younger people who wear it as an alternative to the heavily made-up look of lipstick. Despite this image, people of all ages wear lip gloss, which comes in demure as well as bright colors. A preteen might be attracted to a candy scented, glitter infused gloss, while a mature woman might appreciate a brown gloss that adds little more than a soft color and a little shine. Lip gloss's transparency makes it impossible to look over done while wearing it, but its shine, and sometimes soft color, is enough to make anyone look put together. This makes it appealing to an incredibly large number of people.

Since so many people can and do use lip gloss, there is great demand for lip gloss to fulfill more and more purposes. As the demand rises, so does the supply. Every year there's more lip gloss coming in more varieties. Some are even able to replace lip stick by coming in darker, more opaque shades, while still retaining the qualities so valued in a lip gloss, namely its shine and its lightness. Lip gloss makers have managed to combine the best qualities of lipstick and lip gloss in many of the new lip glosses. People can now have a rich dark shade that has shine and doesn't feel cakey.

Lip gloss's comfort is another way it is superior to lipstick. While lip gloss can suffer from stickiness, and both lip gloss and lipstick tend to come off on glasses, lipstick is thick and dry, which can make your lips feel stiff and uncomfortable. When people attempt to stretch or lick their lips so as to feel better, lipstick leaves large unsightly smears on their teeth and around their lips. Lip gloss, should it smear, is generally less visible and is more likely to simply disappear as the day passes rather than spread across a person's face. This makes it easier for people to go through their day without having to worry about or check their make-up.

Lip gloss is a newer form of make-up than lipstick and thusly better represents the needs of modern people. Despite being associated with young people, almost anyone can lip gloss due to its great variety. As lip gloss's popularity rose, so did its quality. You now find formulas of lip gloss that combine the best qualities of lipstick and lip gloss. One of the coveted qualities of lip gloss is its comfortable lightness, a quality which no lipstick has. Also, lip gloss's lightness makes it easier to maintain than lipstick as it is less likely to visibly smear. Because of its many virtues and the variety in which it comes, lip gloss is better than lipstick if you could only one or the other.

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