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How to Reshape a Wool Sweater

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"How to Reshape a Wool Sweater"
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Any sweater that is made from pure wool needs to be washed with care. Woollen fibers have a habit of shrinking or losing their elasticity if they are not washed correctly. Many woollens can be machine washed but pure wool garments do respond well if they are laundered by hand. If the unthinkable happens and a sweater is misshapen after washing then it is crucial to know how to reshape that wool sweater.

In all probability the woolen garment will have been washed and dried before it dawns that it looks seriously out of shape. To rectify the problem you are going to need to wash the woolen sweater again and reshape it whilst it is damp. Use a good quality hand wash liquid that is especially formulated for woollens. Run some warm water into a basin, add a drop of the hand wash liquid and wash the sweater. After washing the sweater rinse it until all of the soap is removed from the woollen fibers. Lift the sweater out of the water and gently squeeze as much of the excess water out as is possible.

Take a large clean bath towel and fold it in half. Lay the bath towel flat out on the kitchen counter. The thick towelling will absorb much of the remaining water. Lay the woolen sweater out on top of the towel and begin to reshape it. The reshaping process must be done with care. Wool is delicate and it cannot be pulled about. Make sure that the body of the woolen sweater is in shape on the top of the towel before moving onto the arms.

It does take time to reshape a wool sweater. The wool has to be eased gently so that the garment regains its former shape. As and when one section of the woollen sweater has been reshapen then smooth the flat of the hand along the woollen fibers to remove unwanted creases. Take extra care to ease the cuffs and the welt back into shape. If the fibers have become `bunched up` then ease them out by running then through your fingertips.

When the woolen sweater is finally back in shape then it needs to be wrapped in the towel to ensure that the shape is retained. Begin to wrap the sweater in the towel by rolling it from top to bottom. The woolen sweater will be encased in the towel and the towel be look like a large sausage. Leave the wool sweater in the towel for a few hours and then lay the damp sweater out flat to dry.

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