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"How to Recognize Fake Ugg Boots"
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The best way to spot fake UGG boots is by inspecting the logo. If it isn't real, it will lack that famous brown hued UGG logo. If ever you have found within your possession a pair of boots that pamper your tootsies with warmth, comfort and style, then you may have on your hands a pair of UGG's. And if they are indeed authentic UGG's, lucky old you. Few people actually realize how many types of boots try to pass themselves off as the amazingly popular footwear treasured by the Hollywood elite. The most common mistake that we make; there are actually two different types of the UGG boots. The brand that is coveted by all is called UGG, and that would be glorified with a logo of the word with all capital letters (the middle G is larger than it's counterparts), and linked within each other. These are the boots that we pay an arm and a leg for (well, don't pay a leg for a pair of boots, because then you would have no foot for your boot, silly!). The other brand is also known simply as Uggs.

The difference between these two brands is not as large as you would expect. UGG's are made from genuine sheepskin (both the skin, and the shearling), as are the Uggs. These are made by two separate companies, the Uggs, also known as Ugly's made in Melbourne, and made with the same material as the UGG's we all see down in Cali. These are simply not the 'brand name' that we are often chasing down. So, how do you spot a faux pair?

~Look for the logo.

This is the first thing that should be verified. As all of the UGG's are made emblazoned with a small patch on the bottom of the boot in the center. There is always a patch. It is not hard to spot a fake pair of UGG's, as the logo would be a dead giveaway. There is also the same logo on the sole of the boot, usually accompanied by a sunburst design. There will always be a logo on the bottom of the boot, as well as one the inside tag. Yes, there will be a tag on the inside of the boot. This tag will include the style name, the size of the boot, the logo, what the boot is made of (sheepskin, and the sole is rubber), and where it was made. The UGG boots that are real are not made in Australia, the materials used are from Australia. This will accompany the UGG logo, the word Australia will be printed beneath the logo.

~Check the color.

UGG's come in four specific colors, and these do not include blue, or pink, or orange, or whatever would be considered not natural. If you think about it, if the boot is made from genuine sheepskin, where are all of the blue sheep? Exactly, there aren't. The genuine UGG will be one of the following colors; Sand, Chestnut, Brown, and in some cases Black. there are some styles of the boot that have logo's adorned throughout the boot. These will be either stitched into the material, or imprinted into the boot. A real UGG will not come in any color that is not a natural color.

~Watch the size.

Genuine UGG's are not available in half sizes. They come only in full sizes, ranging from size five to size eleven (at least in the classic tall boot). Consequently, if you run across a pair of boots that resemble UGG's and the price is remarkable, but they are a six and a half, this could be a red flag.


Not that everyone wanders through the world with a tape measure attached to their hip, but this may aid inn spotting a fake. The authentic UGG, classic tall is 12" tall. A boot that is not authentic is 12.4" tall. Basically, fake boots will be different in size and height than the genuine UGG's.

~Where to buy.

You may dig, but you probably won't find treasure at TJ Maxx, or the like. you will want to make sure that you are shopping at retailers that actually sell the genuine UGG brand. Many stores carry the styles that are not real UGG's, so you want to keep your eyes open where you shop. Places that do carry them; 'Victoria's Secret', 'Nordstrom', 'The Walking Company', and some local shoe stores. To find a dealer in your area, you can search on the UGG website, by your zip code or city. Of course, if you are serious, you will want to shop the web-site itself for that perfect pair.


The cheaper the item, the less of a chance that it will be genuine. Of course we all love to find super deals, and would love to boast to our gal pals how we found genuine UGG's for half of the price that we usually see them. Guess what ladies, that is just not going to happen. Be realistic about the prices that you find. If you don't mind paying less for the item, as long as you enjoy the look, or feel you should also accept that they are not real. There is nothing wrong with purchasing fake Ugg's for less, but there is something wrong when someone attempts to sell them to you under false pretenses of being genuine. The counterfeits are often nearly as good as the real ones, they simply lack that fabulous name brand.

A lighter weight material will also be a dead giveaway, making you believe that instead of boots, you have found slippers. If you don't have anything to compare it to, you will not know the difference. It isn't hard to spot a fake, though they are often not made cheaply. There are some, however that are more like slippers than boots, and these you will know straight off that they are not real. You want to know if they are genuine UGG's? Look for the logo! If there is no logo, then there is no authenticity!

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