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How to Properly Apply Nail Polish

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"How to Properly Apply Nail Polish"
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Why is it that nail polish applied at home starts to chip within a day or two, when the salon nails last so much longer? There is an answer. The professional nail technicians know certain secrets which you can use at home. Let's think about this for a minute. When you decide to paint a room in your home do you just slap it on and let it dry? If you do, your walls probably bear a strong resemblance to your nails. In order for painting, be it nails or walls, steps must be taken and patience is truly a virtue. Okay, having said that, how do you go about getting those long lasting gorgeous nails without the price of a salon. There are basically three steps to achieve the look you want.

Step #1: Priming (I told you it was like painting.)

This first step is the one that is often neglected and it is also the most important. In order for polish to adhere to its canvas, so to speak, it needs certain conditions. It is important to remove oils from your nail before polishing. This is the main job of the priming. Chances are you already have all of the ingredients to accomplish this in your home already. Take nail polish remover and simply saturate a cotton ball. Go over each nail, the polish remover will eliminate or at least mitigate the oil on the nails. Done! Now let's move on to step two.

Step#2: Base Coat

When purchasing a base coat it is best not to buy one of the brands that say they are a combined base and top coat. The two polishes have different jobs to do and they need to be done separately to achieve the salon polished look and endurance. You can differentiate between a base coat and a top coat by the way they look. A base coat is going to lack the shine of the top coat. It is generally a duller, tacky feeling coat that dries very quickly. The base coat will provide your nails with protein, vitamin e, aloe, and calcium. The better the base coat the more of these ingredients you will find in the product. These help to promote healthy nails, which will prevent cracking, peeling and splitting. Another asset provided by a base nail coat is it helps to reduce nail polish stain on your nail itself as well as providing the proper adhesive needed for our next and final step.

Step #3: Nail Polish Top Coat

See how fast we got here, now comes the fun part. To create a protective cover on your nails you need the top coat. This is how you reduce the fading, chipping and give you that sought after gorgeous shine. To really make sure that shine possesses the "just polished look" it is a good idea to apply one coat of top polish each day.

Well there you have it, the secret to salon nails without leaving the house. Prepare yourself for the compliments of friends and co-workers when they see those hands. Let them think it was professionally done, you know the real artist!

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