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How to Make a Prom Sash

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"How to Make a Prom Sash"
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It is relatively easy to make your own prom sash. This article looks at two main ways to create a prom sash and a few additional decorating tips. The first technique is aimed at the novice sewer and the second is for someone who has some degree of sewing confidence.

Basic prom sash creation:

To create a basic prom sash all you really need to do is acquire some ribbon and a method of adding the desired text to your project, for example “Prom Queen”. The typical prom sash is around 3 inches wide and 72 inches in length. So look for a ribbon that is around 3 inches wide and buy a minimum of two yards in length.

You can apply text to the piece of ribbon in several different ways. One of the easiest ways is to acquire a button that already has your desired message printed on it. Attach this button to the upper front of your piece of ribbon and you are virtually done.

If you want to get a little more involved you could try an iron on patch, or individual iron on letters that make up the desired text.  Alternatively purchase some print transfer paper, such as HP iron on transfers.  You print your text onto them via your everyday computer printer then place on the ribbon and iron over to transfer it to your sash. Remember to write your desired message backwards, because you don’t want to end up with text round the wrong way when it is reversed.  It is a good idea to complete a test version on a scrap piece, before attempting the real version.

The ends can simply be joined with a nice pin. To make sure that they don’t fray it is beneficial to cut a triangle shape into each end. You cut diagonally from one bottom corner to the very center of the ribbon, making a cut around half an inch in. Then repeat this on the other side, so that you have removed a triangle wedge of fabric.

Advanced prom sash creation:

If you want to make a prom sash that looks just a touch more elegant, it is best to create one from fabric. Purchase a shiny fabric like silk satin, or polyester satin. As a rough guide you will need 2.5 yards of fabric. As stated most prom sashes are around 72 inches long and 3 inches wide. When you are making one from scratch you need to account for the seam allowance needed to join the fabric together.

So you want to cut two strips that are 73 inches long and 4 inches wide. A lot of prom sashes have pointy rather than square ends. If you want to give yours this appearance cut the ends at an angle to form ends that resemble one side of a triangle. To ensure that all 4 ends are even fold one piece of fabric and cut both ends at once, then pin it to the other piece of fabric and snip off the difference.

Place the right sides of both pieces together and stitch around 3 of the sides at a seam allowance of half an inch. Once completed turn the sash right side out, you may find that you need to use a pin at the ends to get nice crisp corners. Now iron under the remaining open ends seam allowance, before stitching across it close to the edge.

Remember that when it comes to decorating your sash there are lots of fun options. You could create a design in fabric paint, add some shine with fabric glitter, or apply stud backed diamantes. The options are only limited by your creativity and budget.

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