How to keep Jewelry from Turning your Skin Green

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"How to keep Jewelry from Turning your Skin Green"
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Does your gold ring leave a green stain wrapped around your finger?  If so, contrary to belief it is not the gold that is having a reaction to your skin, it is the other metals in your ring.  You may also have a matching necklace that does the same around your neck. So, why does jewelry turn your skin green, and what can you do about it?  

The smaller the carat of gold, then the more other metals that are used to make up your jewelry item.  Some people are more prone to getting the discoloration than others.  Sweat or perspiration is a major course.  Contrary to people’s beliefs it is not coursed by an allergy.

Copper and nickel are two less expensive metals used in jewelry and they will react with your skin.  Copper earrings are renowned for this.  Copper is a far cheaper metal used to make jewelry and will oxidize leaving a greenish stain around the offending area. 

If you have high acidic levels in your body you will be more prone to jewelry turning your skin green.  A change to your diet may help.  If the sun is shining brightly and temperatures are rising the metals in your jewelry are more likely to oxidize.  If know some of your jewelry without a doubt turns your skin green then avoid wearing it in the summer.  Sun lotions, moisturizers and soaps are other big culprits as well.  If you are sunbathing, you don’t want tan lines so it is advisable to remove all jewelry items anyway.

The manufacturers of jewelry will make gold more affordable so people can and will buy it.  To do this the jewelry will be made up with alloys and finished of with only a thin layer of gold.  This type of jewelry is called gold or silver, plated.  In time the thin layer of gold will rub away and disappear leaving only the alloys next to your skin.  This will undoubtedly turn your skin green.

The higher the carat of gold then the less other metals used, so if you can choose 18 carat gold over 9 carat.  Pure platinum jewelry will not turn your skin green either, although rather expensive.  If this is not an option for you or you enjoy wearing and owning several pieces of inexpensive accessories you can always coat your jewelry with clear nail polish, this will stop the alloys touching your skin but you must remember to reapply this frequently as it will not be everlasting.

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