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How to Hide Dark Roots

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"How to Hide Dark Roots"
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It's the day before your appointment at the hair salon and you have at least a half inch of new growth. That afternoon, you find yourself committed to a social function that you cannot get out of. How are you going to hide those dark roots?

You could opt for a hat or scarf, but unless you're commonly seen in either of them, those who know you will realize immediately that you're hiding something. There are also different styling methods if you're good at styling your hair.

Headbands are good for covering dark roots if you have bangs. Place the head band over your dark roots between your bangs and your hair then fold the hair over and around the hair band.

However, there's a better way.

A number of products are on the market today for a quick fix when it comes to hiding those dark roots and they work very well.

There are many situations where we need to be someplace important with no time to touch-up our dark roots. For instance: With less than an hour left in the work day, your boss comes to you and says, "I need a really big favor. I am attending a business dinner tonight and I need you to be there."

The pleading look on his face says that you have very little choice so naturally you accept. However, you have only an hour or so to prepare. This doesn't give you enough time to touch up your roots as it takes at least a half an hour for the color to set, not to mention the time to apply the solution.

In the hair coloring section there are a number of root touch-up kits which is a clear liquid that somehow blends the color with the roots.

The top, front and sides are what you need to worry about. Simply apply the solution to the roots. Minutes later you're in the shower.

Therefore, if you have dark roots and need a quick fix there are a number of quick-fix kits that cover dark roots very well. Now that you know how to hide your dark roots it can cut your appointments at the hair salon in half!

Therefore, if you have an important engagement to keep and need to cover your dark roots, try any of the many root touch-up kits. Of course you can always wear a hat or a scarf but you may end up looking worse.

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