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According to fashion experts - natural, full eyebrows are a hot trend. If you are ready for this updated style - here are some tips to maintaining a tidy, polished look while growing out your own eyebrows.

Choose a Brow Style or Two

The first thing you'll need to determine is what you want your brows to eventually look like after the grow-out phase has been completed. You may want to do some research on the Internet to view various eyebrow styles and choose one or two you feel will complement your other facial features. An awesome website you should visit is - a full site devoted to creating and maintaining beautiful brows. There are celebrity photos, step-by-step instructions on how to shape, fill in, lighten, darken and how to fix sparse eyebrows and a myriad of products to help you achieve and maintain a natural, flawless brow.

Maintenance During the Grow-Out

After you have selected a couple of brow styles for your makeover, the growing out phase can begin. While you are in this process, feel free to remove stray, surrounding hairs that grow outside your natural brow area by tweezing them as usual. There's no reason you need to live with a uni-brow during this period. Maintain as tidy an appearance as possible, while remaining patient and steadfast in your goal to start with a clean slate.

Camouflaging During the Grow-Out

There are only really a couple of ways you can successfully hide the fact your brows are going through a somewhat difficult revamp period. If you normally wear bangs, style them in a way that cover your eyebrows. Eye-glass wearers can also wear a frame that naturally covers the brow area. One more tip is to fill in any patchy or straggly areas with an eyebrow pencil or powder to maintain some semblance of shape until the brows have fully grown out. A light, sparse application of pencil or powder is the trick here - so as not to draw attention to this particular area.

Be Patient

How long it will take for your eyebrows to fully grow back will depend upon a few factors. If the eyebrows were shaved at some point - there may be areas that, unfortunately, will never come back. That is the reality, but not something you can't deal with down the road with brow stencils and brow powder. If your brows were over-tweezed (we are all guilty of that!), it make take additional time for those areas to grow back, but they most likely will. In most normal situations, expect to wait a couple of months before you reach maximum grow-out.

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