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How to get Knots out of your Childrens Hair

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"How to get Knots out of your Childrens Hair"
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Kids hair can sometimes be a nightmare to untangle. They are playing all day and rolling around so naturally their hair is going to have some pretty serious knots in it. 

And untangling them can be very unpleasant both for you and for your child. It can hurt them if you pull at their hair and it can be a long arduous process for you both. But there are ways to get the knots from your child's hair which will not end in tears.

Before you apply anything to the hair you should try and work out as much of the knot as possible. Take hold of the section of knotted hair and begin to pull the knot apart with your fingers and thumbs. Be careful not to pull your child's hair.

One of the best things you can do if your child's hair has a lot of knots in it is to add conditioner to it. You can do this whether the hair is wet or dry it will work equally well both ways. Simply apply some conditioner to your child's hair and then leave it for a few minutes. once it has absorbed into the hair then simply comb through.

You can either use leave in conditioner or normal conditioner. Leave in conditioner will work faster but it will leave a greasy residue on your child's hair. Normal conditioner will not leave a greasy residue if you use a small amount.

Another way is to simply wash their hair. This is the most obvious and common solution but it is not always the most practical. Particularly if you are not at home when their hair gets tangled.

Apply a small amount of baby oil to your fingers. Then gently run your fingers over the knots. Leave it for a few moments and then comb the knots out. You will need to wash their hair when you get a chance after that.

Many companies have specifically designed product for removing knots from kids hair. But these are often loaded with chemicals and very expensive. Make your own de-tangling spray by putting a solution of one part conditioner to eight parts water into a clean spray pump bottle. Spray it onto their hair any time tangles start to form.

If your children tend to wake up with tangled hair then you might want to consider getting them new pillow cases. Satin pillow cases will greatly reduce the number of knots they get in their hair. Cotton pillow cases will create a lot of friction between the fabric and the hair which will cause knots. But the hair will simply glide over satin pillow cases.

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