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How to Find the most Flattering Jeans for your Body Type

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"How to Find the most Flattering Jeans for your Body Type"
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How to find the most flattering jeans for your body type

The "rules" for women-

1.) There are hardly any woman on the planet that can pull of tapered jeans. Tapered jeans tend to make your leg look shorter and your thighs look larger. Unless you are the rare six feet or taller and very slender, you want to steer clear of these jeans.

2.) If you carry weight in the thighs and rear go to a darker jean without the fading in the obvious areas in the thigh and rear. Make sure there is a slight flare or boot cut on the bottom or that it is wide or straight leg all the way down. Don't wear baggy jeans but comfortable fitting jeans. If the pockets in the back are very small this will also accentuate a large rear.

3.) If you are slender with a flatter rear choose a medium wash jean with alot of structure. In this case, a smaller pocket in the back can make your rear look rounder. They also make lots of jeans with built in fanny lifters and this can be a great option too.

4.) Always make sure that the button fits right below the waist but is not too low rise. This allows you to still appropriately have a waist without your pants falling off with the low rise trend. Wearing pants too high makes your waist look shorter and creates alot of bulk under your shirt.

The "rules" for men

1.) Never wear the sagging pants! This makes you look like a baby with a sagging diaper!

2.) If you carry your weight on the top make sure you find wide leg pant in a medium wash. Stay away from skin tight jeans that will make you look like a Popsicle on two sticks!

3.) Make sure the waist and length fit correctly. A fitted wider leg jean works for most men overall. Stay away from jeans with too many pockets and stitching! These jeans are very distracting and tend to be very young looking.

4.) No tapered pants for men either! They make great boot cut options that fall nicely over your shoes and create length and a finish to your outfit.

Try on more then one pair! Jeans are a staple in a wardrobe so it is worth the time to find a great pair you can wear over and over!

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