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How to Find Perfume that Smells Good on you

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"How to Find Perfume that Smells Good on you"
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Perfume is viewed by many women as the ultimate fashion accessory that can enhance their personal charm and add that extra touch of elegance to any outfit. It should come as no surprise that finding perfume that smells good on you and matches your style and personality is just as important as choosing the right clothes to match your body type.

In order to find perfume that smells good on you, you need to find for perfumes that match your body chemistry. It’s a common experience to smell a beautiful perfume on someone else and purchase it, only to find out later that the scent is different on your own skin. This is because each person’s body chemistry is different and this affects the way the perfume interacts with the skin. As a result, the same perfume can smell somewhat different on you, than on a friend or colleague.

This is why it’s always better to test the fragrance on your own skin, rather than smelling it directly from the bottle. By spraying the fragrance on your wrist from a tester and waiting to see how it develops for the next hours, you will get a more accurate idea about how the scent interacts with your skin and notice its lasting power. You can also ask for others’ opinions. They will perceive the perfume differently and they might provide valuable feedback that you can use to decide whether the fragrance works on your body chemistry or not.

The second thing you must consider when searching for perfumes that smell good on you is how much you like the perfume and whether it accurately reflects your personality. It may sound self-evident, but if you don’t like the perfume, it doesn’t really matter how well it might match your body chemistry or how many compliments you might receive while wearing it. Likewise, if the perfume smells beautiful, but you feel that it misrepresents you and it sends off the wrong message about who you are, then it’s not the right choice for you.

Finally, remember to try on new perfumes whenever you have the opportunity. You can test fragrances when you pass by department stores or pharmacies or even buy samples. By constantly exposing yourself to new scents you will find more perfumes that you will like and include in your fragrance wardrobe. You will also learn more about the types of fragrances you tend to be attracted towards and become more knowledgeable about perfumes.

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