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How to Create a Spa like Atmosphere at Home

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"How to Create a Spa like Atmosphere at Home"
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What individual doesn’t enjoy the thought of indulging in a vacation at a world-class spa? Perhaps at the Auberge du Soleil in California, where beautiful gardens and luxurious outdoor soaking pools provide a physical and emotional barrier from the outside world, offering the perfect setting for deep relaxation and peaceful rejuvenation? Or the Mii Amo Spa at the Enchantment Resort in Arizona, a magnificent spa, and one in which an individual can take a journey to transformation and exploration in a place regarded as one of the most sacred healing places on earth? 

While the benefits of spa vacations can be amazing and memorable, factors such as time and cost may not make them practical or affordable for everyone. Creating a spa atmosphere at home can be a smart alternative for those who don't visit spas but would like to experience some of the basic benefits. It can also be a beneficial move for those who do visit spas but desire to continue some of their experiences in the privacy of their own homes.

Creating a spa atmosphere involves a setting that incorporates four interrelated elements. These are: serenity, simplicity, senses, and creativity, each discussed as follows:


It has been said that an individual’s home is his or her castle. A refuge from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life, it provides the space where rest and rejuvenation can occur. Creating a spa atmosphere means arranging one or more chosen areas in ways that allow for deeper relaxation. This could mean clearing out clutter and taking down pictures of busy scenes and replacing them with scenes of nature or other images that have a particularly calming effect. It could also mean changing the location of the television set or computer to another busy or work-related area of the home. 


One can have an entire house project a spa atmosphere or just one or more rooms. The bathroom and bedrooms are common areas for relaxing activities, while the living room, kitchen, and other rooms generally involve more recreational or work-related activities. Nevertheless, maintain the rooms to serve their purposes and keep them clean and organized in ways that will be easy or uncomplicated to maintain. 


Pleasurable experiences are made even more enjoyable when several or all senses are involved. A simple bath, for example, can be enjoyed more by: the sight of an aesthetically pleasing, softly colored room, the sounds of relaxing music, the smell of a fragrant bath oil, and the feel of a soft massage cloth. As another example, a routine dinner meal at home can be enjoyed more by: the sight of a plate of different colored foods and vegetables, the aroma of fresh herbs and spices, the delicious taste of foods with added flavor, and the sounds of soft background music.


Creating a spa atmosphere at home involves the use of imagination and variety. Although actions such as research on the Internet, in libraries, and at local stores will result in learning more about having a home gym installed, making skin care products in a blender, or about other activities and products one might desire, creativity still plays an important role in applying this knowledge as well as maximizing the effectiveness of products and services that might be purchased. This could include, for example, modifying exercise routines for use with  the home gym, designing dance steps for use with a CD player for use in exercising in a spare room or the basement of a home, or creating healthy recipes for use in a home spa kitchen.

At the same time, any routine or activity will tend to lose its appeal over time. A particular dance session may be fun in the beginning. Following a particular slimming diet may be motivating for a while. But without exploring new dance steps or exercise routines, changing foods, or adding new recipes, boredom will eventually set in and erode motivation.

Creating and maintaining a spa atmosphere at home can start with as little as one room in the house. But with success and interest, this healthy atmosphere could eventually fill one’s entire house, from relaxing bedroom to healthy kitchen. Managing daily stress and promoting better health become easier when principles of the spa experience are put to work in the home, the one place where individuals spend so much of their time everyday.

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